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Shirogane Onsen/Shirogane no Yu

Shirogane Onsen/Shirogane no Yu


This guest house is located in Biei, Hokkaido.

Guest House, it seems to be operating as a trendy guest house by renovating a minshuku or ryokan that went out of business.


I took a day trip bath this time.







First, I came in from the door with the parking lot. No receptionist! I thought it was a backdoor….

I went to the reception from the inn.

The bathing fee is 500 yen.


The inn itself is quite old and it feels like a Showa era.






The hot spring has a little iron in it and it is cloudy to brown.

It is a hot spring.

The hot spring is overflowing from the yunfune.


It’s pretty much the way.






There is a deposit of the hot spring ingredient in the bathhouse, and it is an appearance that the facility is old to write off.

I like it very much.


However, there is a fossil of ammonite in the indoor bath, or there is a statue of a lion in the outdoor bath, and there is a statue with a motif of the sun on the wall, there is a sense that I tried to put it in a hobby something I feel a little.


Furthermore, the facilities are old and the partition plate between the men and women of the open-air bath is tilted, and a female open-air bath is seen from indoor bath.

Moreover, the partition board is a hole.


There seems to be room for improvement a little here.




The door to the open-air bath is also rattling, so the gap is always vacant, and winter or cold wind is blowing rusty.


The open-air bath was lukewarm (40.2 °c) and it was so hot in midsummer that I felt good.






The bath is a common space for the guest house.

The cold barley tea is free, so I am particularly grateful for such a hot day.



By the way, the Guest house dormitory (Japanese-style dorm room) is 3000 yen per night, so I wanted to stay if I had a chance.





If you think of a good hot spring at 500 yen, the cost performance is higher than a public bath in the city.




Overall rating 3.7
Price 500 yen
Amenity shampoo, conditioner, body soap
Facility Common Space

Service coffee, barley tea, cold water

Attaching bath, open-air bath
Spring quality sodium, calcium, magnesium-sulfate, chloride spring

Security wall Holes Boko
Business hours 10:00 ~ 20:00

Bathing Day 2018/6/4

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