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Shogawa Onsen, Kitahara-sou

Shogawa Onsen, Kitahara-sou


I stopped by when I went to Gokayama Mountain.

Shogawa Onsen.


There are a lot of hot springs of the spring system which is good with the Yutani hot spring and the great Maki hot spring.

It is a hot spring paradise . (On para for short)






Well, here is a middle-sized hot spring Inn, I tried to bathing in a day trip to what care.



A dressing room






There is a indoor bath and an open-air bath here, but the outdoor bath is in the place where the bridge is crossed from indoor bath.


It is a little interesting to build.


All the outdoor baths are wooden and have an atmosphere.

It is an open-air bath, but there is not a feeling of openness very much, and the next is like a shrine, and the man hot water seems to be full view when there are worshippers of the shrine.


On this day, I was strangely desperate because the smoke of a bonfire or something had drifted to the open-air bath.


The spring quality is a simple alkaline spring. Colorless and transparent.



I think that the hot spring is a source sink, but the source temperature is about 50 to 60 degrees, and it is not thrown away only with Chororo.


Well, I’m sure there is no difference between the source and the sink.



It is a very common hot spring ryokan.

I think it’s a good idea to stop by the Gokayama Mountain Walk.







Overall rating 3.6
Price 500 yen
Amenity Shampoo, Body shampoo
Facility Dryer, Scale

No service

Attaching bath with whirlpool, open-air bath
Spring Quality Simple Spring

Business hours 10:00 ~ 1800

Bathing Day 2018/5/16


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