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Sobue Zenkoji Tokai Betsuin-Honbo-Fu-ji Temple (November 11, 2018)

Sobue Zenkoji Tokai Betsuin-Honbo-Fu-ji Temple (November 11, 2018)

Moved from Tsushima City to Inazawa City.

On the way, looking at many signs of Sobue Zenkoji Tokai Betsuin,
Arrive at Zenkoji Tokai Betsuin.

Park your car in 150 free parking lots to start the visit.

Address: 57-2 grandfather Gangnam, Sobue-cho, Inazawa, Aichi
Denomination: single-standing
Principal Image: Zenkoji Buddha
Founded: Meiji 43 (1910)
Kaiki: Hayashi Asahi, people
Temple: Owari Seven Lucky Gods Tour

Tensho 10 years (1582) by Oda Nobunaga Nobuo, the Zenkoji principal image Buddha
From Gifu to Owari Jimokuji in the middle of Senza,
It is said that it was stopped near Sobue.

The precincts of the mountain were hasida until the Meiji period, but
Following two years of Meiji 42, 43 years (1909, 1910),
There is a mysterious thing that the double-headed lotus blooms.

The center is centered on the Asahi Sumikami and local strongman
We decided to use the Zenkoji Buddha’s alter ego.

Received the Daikanjin grandfather branch of Shinshu Zenkoji, a tentative name from Motobo Daikanjin
On November 8, Meiji 44 (1911), we received the temple of Fufuku-ji Temple (relocated from Kyoto Nishiyama).

Showa 6 (1931) Zenkoji Sobue Betsuin,
Further, in 1987, by the request to Hon-Bo Daikanshin, referred to as Zenkoji Tokai Betsuin,
The congregation is now in Aichi, Gifu, Mie and Shiga each province.


You can see Dawn and the main hall peculiar to the large Zenkoji temple.

Apparently there is no gate.

Bell tower

New construction.

[Sleeping Buddha]

There seems to be a profit soon enough Popkuri. (^ ^

Main Hall

The size of two thirds of Shinshu Zenkoji Temple
The main hall boasts a dignified majesty.

I hardly see it in Kansai.
The main temple of the Zenkoji ceremony is cool.

After I finished my visit in a solemn inner circle,
I decided to go around the pulpit.

[Visiting the pulpit]

You can get a bracelet if you pay 300 yen for admission.

It seems to shine faintly in the dark.

It is dark.

It walks in the passage where all the light is not seen when speaking of the reprimand.

The Bangles were certainly glowing.

There is such a flashy space right below the principal image.

In the center of Amida-Nyorai, the Bodhisattva, the Bodhisattva and the 16th bodhisattva are enshrined
It seems to express the Pure Land of paradise.

This is a short distance around the pulpit,
It was an impression that it was over soon.

[Three evil Jizo]

This is a pet memorial.


【 Honbo-Fu Temple 】

It is located at Zenkoji Tokai Betsuin precincts entrance.

I thought it was another temple when I visited,
It was the book of Tokai Betsuin.

But, the feeling that I saw is different from this one to the general image.

Main Hall

The immovable Ming Dynasty was enshrined here.


It seems to be able to give the red seal here
Today is the main hall of Tokai Betsuin.

[Red Seal]

It is what I received in the main hall of Tokai Betsuin,
It is the appearance of this steadfast that I chose it in four bodies.

Although I received the Red Seal of the root Fuku temple strangely,
It turns out that the red Seal of Zenkoji Tokai Betsuin was not received at a later date. (^ ^;

When I visited the shrine, I didn’t notice it at all.<!–


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