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Soup Curry Indigo Color Nishioka under the bridge Honten

Soup Curry Indigo Color Nishioka under the bridge Honten


I went to the soup curry shop that I was curious about, “Soup curry indigo Color Nishioka under the bridge Honten” ◎

It is a new shop opened last year.



This is the street name, under the overpass might be hard to find a little.

But that kind of place is also a hideaway.


The interior of the image of the hot spring is a stylish feeling that the lighting is dropped.

The goodness of the sense shines!


It is guided to the small rise and the menu is seen.



The curry and the topping also make me feel the sum ♪

I’m glad that the amount of rice is free up to 300g.


Good! Let’s order a Japanese menu this time!


Yuzuha color (1260 yen)


“Yuzuha Color” is the main of Yuzu chicken Heaven, contains 11 species of basic vegetables ◎

First, the soup…



Your Curry is also Japanese style!

It is plain, but dissatisfaction is delicious without feeling at all ◎

The sense of spice is transmitted well ♪



There are two big chickens in heaven!

The clothes are crunchy crispy ♪

The delicious soup is soaked and it is more delicious ◎



A lot of vegetables such as cabbage and eggplant ◎

It is a unique each such as burdock and radish, sweet potato ♪



The taste, the atmosphere of the store was full of feelings to feel the whole!

The shop which feels individuality is good after all! It’s exciting!


Also with the line.



Soup Curry Indigo Color Nishioka under the bridge Honten
● Address
10 chome 1-3 Fukuzumi, Toyohira-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Business Hours

11:29 ~ 15:30

17:29 ~ 21:30

Sun Holiday

11:29 ~ 15:30

17:29 ~ 21:00
● Telephone
● Regular holiday

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