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Taima Terokuin (Worship on July 23, 2016)

Taima Terokuin (Worship on July 23, 2016)

To take the book of the Red seal that I had deposited this week, to the sect among Amusements Academy.

According to the wife of the priest who was coming out,
The priest is busy and the Red seal is not written.

Are you serious?

I wish I had checked the phone beforehand.
I think it’s a nuisance to call the temple.
I don’t want to spend too much. (^ ^;

According to his wife, in the Hotel Monterey la Sur, in Kyobashi, Osaka
GALLERY UCHIDA “Hiroshi Miyashita”
Things that have been done.

If you come there, I’ll give you a book.
You say, so I decided to go to the GALLERY UCHIDA at a later date.

It is not fulfilled to receive the Red seal this time by such a reason. (^ ^;

But, Mr. Miyashita, no superstars, you can see a lot of works of the priest,
I look forward to the exhibition “Hiroshi Miyashita”. (^ ^

So I shame to go back to the same
Last week, I went to Oku-in which stopped the visit because it had been memorial service.

It becomes the visit of the Oku-in in a long time.

On April 10, 2011, visit >

On April 8, 2012, visit >

Location: Taima 1263, Katsuragi-shi, Nara
Sect: Jodoshu
Principal Image: The people of Honen
Founded: Ohyasu 3 years (1370)
Fusijo: Honen-People, twenty-five spirits, Nishiyama Kuniyu ruins sacred Sites

Taima Temple is a temple that has been erected as the Oku-no-in in the Jodoshu Souzan
At first it was called the birth house.

The twelfth generation of Chion-in pledge was enshrined as the principal image of Chion-in.
To obtain the imperial decree of Emperor Halo the statue of Honen, three years (1370)
It is a temple erected here, and since then, as Yamato Motoyama of the Jodosect
It is Daishi remains that the faith of many people has been defended and inherited until today.


After the Taima temple, I went to Oku-in.



The admission fee is paid.

It is 200 yen plus when you visit the Treasure House for 300 yen usually.


The right hand is the main hall and the left is Amitamidado.

The lotus is blooming a little, but it seems to be still.



【 Treasure House 】

First of all, it is the Treasure Pavilion.

Taima Mandala, twenty-five Bodhisattva visit statue, two of the four,
It was a more fulfilling exhibition than I had expected.

The folding screen of ten circles of a heavy sentence was good.

Hell, kids, damn, shura, human, heavenly, voice, the Edge, Bodhisattva,
The folding screen which showed the ten circles of the Buddha was impressive enough.


It seems to be a human face fish in old times.

The goodness of the lotus gradually dawned on me.


It is a bell tower of the heavy sentence.

It is a gate of liking considerably.


There is a pure Land garden in the back.

[Pure Land Garden]

It is a splendid rock garden.

What is used in the Pure Land garden was carried from Yufuin,
When the Lord Toyotomi Hideyoshi built the Osaka Castle,
It is called Taiko Stone in the one that the boulders were collected from the West Country.

Something like a dragon was carved.

When it is time of the peony here, the peony is bloom in Atikochi.

The season of cherry Blossoms and peony is recommended.
I can enjoy the garden of the supin which does not make up with a beautiful flower now.


I hear that the remains which were placed under this are enshrined.

I did not know when I visited. (^ ^;

[Juziishi Tower]

[Triple Tower]

It is unbearable to see the triple Tower of National treasure together. (^ ^

That’s great.


Important Cultural Property.


Front door

[Ming Dynasty Fudo]

[Red Seal]

[Seal Book]

I bought an impulse again. (^ ^

It is 1500 yen without the Red seal,
There were three kinds of original seal book.<!–


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