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Tamawa Castle [1/4] to the five hundred years of the birth of Hojo Tsunade Castle remains search meeting.

Tamawa Castle [1/4] to the five hundred years of the birth of Hojo Tsunade Castle remains search meeting.

Tamawa Castle was the only castle in Kamakura that was established in the Nagamasa Nine (1512), and the revival of Kamakura and Tsuruoka Hachimangu Shrine, which had been devastated by the fight between the sect of the public and the music sect at that time. It became the front base of Sozui aiming at the Kanto supremacy for the order making for the people. Mr. Miura in the south and Mr. Uesugi in the north were put to the ground of the ball rope which hit the base of Miura Peninsula. Afterwards, it became the water Army base to Mr. Satomi of the Boso Peninsula. Shingen, it is known as a castle of the extent that the attack of those attacks was rejected when the Hojo Mr. Houjou by Kenshin. At the time of Hideyoshi’s Odawara attack, the Ieyasu surrender to the army. It is said that it became an abandoned castle in the middle of the Edo period. Currently, the main site of the castle ruins becomes the grounds of Seisen Gakuin and many ruins are destroyed, and it is in the situation not to be able even to visit freely.

玉縄城Basic Data >
Name: Tamawa Castle (Wikipedia)
● Location: Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa ( map )
● Built-in: Ise Shu Rui (Hojo Hayumo)
-Tsuiki: Nagamasa nine years (1512)
-Remains: soil base, Horikiri, inflection track, tower stand marks, etc.

Visit >

On October 17, 2015, a commemorative event commemorating the 50th anniversary of the birth of the third generation Jade rope Lord was held by the Tamawa Castle Town Planning Conference (Web), and as a part of that, the “Jade Rope castle Ruins Search meeting” took place. In addition to the ruins of the jade rope castle ruins that were published in the search meeting, the appearance of some events is introduced on this page.

tamanawa-5373The castle ruins are located near JR Ofuna station, slightly north of Kamakura. From Ofuna station, let’s walk to “Ryupo-ji” where the event will be held. The mountain on the mount is “Ofuna Kannon”. The weather forecast for the day was rainy, but the rain was barely covered by a thick cloud of sky.

tamanawa-5373a-5707From the map of Ofuna station. The lower right is “Ofuna station”. From the station, head straight to the West (left) and then to the north (top), there is the Longpo temple. The castle ruins are in the school of “Seisen Jogakuin” in the Northwest (upper left).

tamanawa-5376It goes to the corner where a large tree and a stone monument are silkeborg in the residential area.

tamanawa-5376a-5374The stone monument is called “The origin of Tamawa-Kuzuka.” Six years (1526), Mr. Satomi, who ruled the Boso peninsula, assaulted the Kamakura ball rope and fought off Mr. Satomi at the end of the fierce battle, and both armies were killed. Then, it is transmitted that Mr. Hojo proposed the exchange of the neck that each other slay to Mr. Satomi, and buried in this ground. At that time, the mound was built here, and the mound was cut mostly, and the tree and the stone monument, and the fifth Tower of the memorial is a mark now.

tamanawa-5377sWe arrived at Ryupo Temple. In front of the gate, there was a signboard written “October 17 Tsunari Day Festival”. The picture of the warlords of the circumference seemed to be a caricature of the staff of “Tamawa Castle Town Development Conference”, and this was quite similar among the staff and was popular.

tamanawa-5379At Ryupo Terayama, you will be greeted by a group ofpeople from Kamakura. The atmosphere.

tamanawa-5380Dragon Treasure Temple Signboard. Tamawa Three generations Lord Hojo Tsunarimon was erected at the temple, and it became the family temple of the jade rope Hojo. The mortuary of successive Lord is included, and there is a museum which exhibits the gate of the Edo period and the house in the middle of Edo, and the Tamawa Castle diorama and excavated goods. By the way, such as a monument was used in the old character “Ryupo-ji Temple” notation, but this signboard that was recently built was only “Ryubao-ji”.

To the precincts. The event had already begun.

tamanawa-5398According to the program, the event was first memorial service, and the demonstration, followed by a search session, and a symposium on Tamawa Castle at the end of lunch. The visit was just the beginning of the demonstrations. In front of the main hall, a full-fledged old martial arts demonstration by the people of the old martial arts is dedicated to the Lord clan.

tamanawa-5400sThe sword demonstration by Mr. Akhane and the disciple, who is a successor to the Yagyu Shinyin Ryu and Musashi Yen Ming style. Woah. The video of the day isYouTube.

tamanawa-5408sAll the disciples thanked the Lord Clan. This is the end of the dedication. Then, we went to the castle ruins search meeting.

tamanawa-5410a-5416Because there were many people, the search Association was held in three groups. I was assigned to the third group. The above-mentioned “Kamakura-no-no-FU corps” was led by Gushashi, and the explanation was done by the staff of “Town Planning Council”.

tamanawa-5413Before leaving for the Discovery meeting, first visit to the “Tamawa Hojo Memorial Tower” on the side of Ryubao Teramoto Dojo, and then start moving to Castle. Hojo’s family crest is a three-scale “three scales” (scales). It seems to be “tri-force” even if it sees in the NES generation.

tamanawa-5414The board of the Memorial Tower of the jade rope Hojo. While relocating here and there, it has been relocated here in 2012.

Let’s go outside the temple and start exploring.

tamanawa-5424At first, it is in the residential area on the way to seven bend, and Nagyaken in the Edo period. It seems to have been relocated, but it is in the private site, only to see from the outside. Unspecified.

tamanawa-5426The other side of Nagyakun. It is in a warehouse state.

tamanawa-5428Front of Nagyakon Gate. This is outside the site so you can see it from the front. It is not used especially as the gate of the house now, and the door seems to be closed.

tamanawa-5429According to the guide’s story, this gate seems to have been the so-called “Red Gate” which was originally painted red, and it is said that the trace remains somehow on the edge of the canopy. Yes, I feel a little red.

tamanawa-5432From Nagyakun to further back. From the narrow road on the side of the children’s garden, proceed to the castle.

tamanawa-5433The road leading to the castle. There is a guide board at the entrance.

tamanawa-5434This map is titled “The Course maps in remembrance of Kamakura and Tamawa Castle”. It’s a pretty model figure, but now the center is slightly left red circle point. When you go from here to crossbar, beyond “Nanjozaka”, “Hirado”, “Taiko Castle”, “Major gate Ruins” Enter the main part of Castle (Seisen Gakuin), see the remains of “Suwa Temple”, “Castle ruins Monument”, “the Place”, and follow the route to the right of the figure and return to Ryubao-ji.

tamanawa-5436Let’s go up the hill and take the castle ruins. Tamawa Castle is a mountain fortress, and it divides into the mansion part of the foot and the main part of the mountain on the way.

tamanawa-5440sCrossbar that was in the figure. It was a mock gate. The road goes further back. When I look at the house above, it seems to go up quite high.

tamanawa-5442“Nanjozaka”. It is assumed to be a major road at that time.

tamanawa-5443The “Hiranfield” in the middle of Shijozaka Hill. It is the cutting ground which exists in the position just overlooking the road which has been climbing between the ridges.

tamanawa-5445Overlooking the castle from the flat field. There is a ridge on the left and right, and a retainer mansion in the part of the valley between them, the atmosphere suitable for “Major road of the castle” exactly. Was the Sentinel or the lookout hut built?

> > Tamawa Castle [2/4] continues. < <

Date of Visit: October, 2015
Photographic equipment: FUJIFILM X-M1 + XF14mm
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