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The charm of the story is here. “Kino no Tabi-the Beautiful World-” Review!

The charm of the story is here. “Kino no Tabi-the Beautiful World-” Review!



The charm of the story is here. “Kino no Tabi-the Beautiful World-” Review!



Broadcast time Autumn 2017 Anime
Original When the rain Sawa Keiichi
Official site Http://

The traveler Kino travels around the world with the “Hermes” of the motorbike and Moto Rad who talks.


Evaluation score: 80 POINTS ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆


A “sober” work

It is a work that is sober now.

Through all 12 episodes, there is no terrific story.
This work is a complete animation of one story.

Basically, the characters appeared and a girl named Keno, a bike that speaks of Hermes (in Sakuchu is referred to as “Moto Rad”) two people.
The basic story is that these two people travel around the world and explore different countries.

So, through all the twelve episodes, there is one goal and it is not a piece to achieve.
After two people traveled and stayed for three days, they went to another country.
I repeat it intently.
In the country where it stayed, there is not always a violent drama and the development.


Then, what is the charm of this sober work?

I think that I am a high degree of perfection as a “story”.
Here, “story” is not only the story of the script, including it, character, view of the world, directing, including all of them, because one story is a very fine story.

The charm of this “story” is seen one by one.


Not the protagonist of the story, the hero

What I thought was the most skillful in the work now is a character of two people of Kino and the Buddy Hermes who is the hero.

It becomes the main character of the work now, but the character is thin more than I thought though it is a character to appear almost every story.
The purpose is not to have something special, to travel, to search for something, or rather to travel.

Especially, Kino who is a hero does not talk so much.
Hermes often beats the light mouth well.


Then, why was this kino the main character?
It is because Kino is the same “traveler” as us.

The people who appear in each country have their own unique values.
Therefore, it is difficult for us to have empathy.
As a “traveler”, Kino observes these people with similar values and sense of distance.
That’s why Kino becomes the main character in this work.

The “main character as a story” of the work is not keno now.
The protagonist of the story is the people who appear in the country.
It’s just that they don’t familiar that we work.
Because the values are different.
Moreover, because the sense of values of each story is different, it cannot keep coming.

It is Kino who is the main character to deliver the story to such us.
The role of the hero is only a lubricant to deliver them to us.
Kino is the storyteller, and while traveling around the country, it is “only observing” the way of life of the people of the country.


Yes, this work is amazing, in any country, the main character is not interfering with the people of the country basically.
They do not deny a person’s way of life
That’s why I think this hero and his partner are attractive.

No matter what way you live, it has nothing to do with you.
This room is very cool.

Might look ruthless.
In fact, there are scenes where the protagonists look ruthless.

But I’m not really a ruthless person.
The conversation with Hermes and the conversation with other people show a little more impersonal.
It is too cruel to look at the current situation and try to do something.
By showing the human likeness firmly, it also makes empathy.

How to draw her character is close to perfection.
To the end, while present as a bystander, I have to stand firmly character.
As if to support the monotony as the bystander, the hero’s partner Hermes, the light mouth is good, soothing the place.

The good of these two characters is the element which greatly liven up a sober work now.


The world is a fun change

The main character Kino travels around the country.
The country of this world is a little different from the modern country, and it is surrounded by the wall of the circumference, and is basically a self-sufficient life and does not exchange with other countries.
And, the country which comes out in this work has each very individuality.

Country of Liars.
A good country to kill.
Country to move.

What kind of country is this? I think a lot of countries like that.
There are some countries where you can see what kind of country you look at at first, and three days later.
And, any country leaves there in one story, and it becomes a story of another country.


If anything attractive, I think there are two attractions.

One is that you can enjoy a different view of the world with each story.
Some countries have a SCI-fi sense, while others are Western-style in the Middle Ages.
Some countries are just kind people, some are brutal.
That’s why we can meet a number of different worlds, even though it’s a single piece.

It is an experience that cannot be made in other animation.
However, the atmosphere of the world view and the work is not blurred.
It will be described later, but it is a great point of this work.


Another point is that you can set different themes.

Next to a story depicting the ugly of man, I draw a great place.
In this way, each story, rather than the theme that is drawn in each country is freely determined.

Of course, every story is not only a heavy story.
There is a story like Kujo, and the shock received from the story in Sakuchu is few.
It might be because the hero named Kino enters between us as the talk part.

So, every story can enjoy different views of the world, different themes, without feeling stressed.


Blurring of the entire work

As I mentioned earlier, there is no main theme for this work.

It is a story only of really traveling.
However, there is a solid axis of one as a whole work.

It is a big blur of characters.

One more traveler Besides the hero appears in the work now.
The character also stands firmly.
The hero and the partner are the same as previously mentioned.
Because the character which becomes a signboard does not blur, the axis does not blur.


And this blurred character conveys one story carefully to the viewer.
Because this composition does not change, there is no blur as the work.
And there is a solid axis in this story.

It is that it depicts “man”.
There are a wide variety of countries, but the cause of the feature is “people” who live there.

It is a hundred people exactly although there are a lot of subtitles of 300 countries.
We have a strange sense of values and how we live in it.
The movement of such people is the axis of the story.

And, this story gathers a lot, and one work “travel of Kino” is made.
Therefore, the axis of the work is not blurred.


It’s sober, but definitely a masterpiece.

This work is sober after all although it is all that fawning to the compliment.

And they have a unique view of the world.
A few words of Kino, a nonchalant word or word of the people of the country.
There are a lot of nice lines and it is making the world view.
Rather, the atmosphere that the serif constitutes is strong enough to say that the view of the world is made only by this less serif.

Indeed, it is a place like lanbe work of the age when the fragrance of pure literature remains.


And, above all, it is an unfriendly work.

Let’s say, the bike suddenly talk (laughs)
Moreover, because there is no animation to talk, first look is confused.
There is no explanation until the end when it comes to talking about the bike.


Also combined with the lack of the aforementioned lines, it may not be easy to understand the work.

But the content of the story itself is very simple.
The simple story is a few words and characters, and conveys the charm firmly.

The work is a great perfection.
I want you to see one story for the time being.
So if you like the atmosphere of this work, you should be able to enjoy it until the end.


The work of this atmosphere was not recent, and had a unique charm not other, and I was able to enjoy it greatly.
People who are bored with the recent lanobe work, how about the goodness of the classics lanobe work here?


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