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The first infiltration of the Maid cafe in Akihabara.

The first infiltration of the Maid cafe in Akihabara.

Good evening everyone! Update your blog Buri two weeks.
This time, I went to the Maid Café ” for those who ” in Akihabara, so I will write what I experienced.
I thought I would go straight home last night, but I was stressed, so I went to Akihabara.
At that time, I decided to go to see the maid Cafe “Edge Roman Pavilion” ( that is, a mankan) to meet the maids in the affiliate shop.
I arrived in Akihabara over an hour by changed the train.
In the night of Akihabara, the lights were shining brightly, but the tourists were less and more prominent.
After arriving in Akihabara, I headed straight for those who .
So, I would like to introduce you to for those who easy.

[For those who] 】

The House of Sweets in the sweets land between the world of the Dream and the human world is a concept. There is an animal (maid) who is practicing to go to the human world with a dream, and it is a mission to support the master chosen from the human world (male customers) and Princess (female customers) so that we can become human.


What is the address and system of the shop? 】


Official Twitter



4f, 1-8-4 Zenoya Bldg., Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


Phone number



Business Hours

Weekdays: 14:00-23:00

(Monday to Friday)

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: 12:00 to 23:00

* Business hours are It may be closed at 10pm when the customer is not expected to visit the store.


Unlimited drinking system

It is almost the same as the edge Roman Pavilion of the affiliated shop ☆.


Soft Drink Course

(First 30 minutes) 1,000 yen

※ After the second time after issuing the point card 800 yen


Extended (30-minute increments) 600 yen


☆ Because it is an automatic extension system, the time confirmation is your own .

The time of entering the voucher is written.


Alcohol Course

First 30 minutes) 1,500 yen

Extended (30-minute increments) 1,300 yen


Whether to charge or not WIFI

-Charging is unknown

WIFI is unknown (probably not)



・Counter seats (about 8 seats)

Sofa seats and table seats


Smoking allowed

Smoking is allowed in the restaurant.



What is the menu? 】


The menu contains the contents as of November 14, 2018.

Therefore, I want you to see the following content to a reference degree.


● Menu for the first time visitors to the store

 A set of 2600 yen

-One hour free drink

Omurice or Meat Doria

Or pancakes

・Cheki (solo or two-shot)

    ☆ Alcohol will be 4000 yen.


 Dream Set 4000 円

・Unlimited drinking for one hour

Omelet Rice and Meat Doria

Or pancakes

・Digiphoto or Cheki

(Solo or two-shot)

-Two live songs and Silium for cheer

    ☆ It will be 5000 yen in the case of alcohol.


Soft Drinks


Decavita C

Ginger Ale,

Oolong Tea

Melon Sauder

Sparkling water

Orange shoes

Coffee (iced/Hot)

Hot Tea

Plum Tea

Green tea

And so…



Clear Asahi


Cork Ball

Melon Ball

Oolong High

Peach Sour

Kyoho Sour

Grapefruit sour

Blue Apple Sour

Plum Sour

Cassis Sour

Shiwarsago Sour

Cassis Soder

Cassis Orange

Cassis Oolong

Peach Sauder

Peach Orange

Peach Oolong



 Mirror Moon

Plum wine


Sweet Potato Shochu

Wheat Shochu

Black Nikka

Glass wine (red/white)


Attraction menu

・Cheki 700 yen

* Only a two-shot or for those who-San with a for those who and a single customer.


・Deca Cheki 1200 yen


・Live 1 song 1000 yen


・Live 3 songs 2,000 yen

* However, it is limited to the same for those who.


For those who original cocktails 1100 yen

* Alcohol is also available

・Reward drink 1000 yen for for those who.


Food menu 1,200 yen each


Graffiti Omurice

The plate of the leprosy circle

Oh, graffiti meat Doria.

Lovely Hayashi Rice


Ochazuke 800 yen


Snacks 1 500 yen each


Potato chips

Potato salad

Persimmon seeds

Grilled Rice Ball

Egg rice



Snacks 2 700 yen each

Mixed nuts

Fried Ryuta





Ice cream 400 yen

Drawing pancakes 800 yen

Emotion Parfait 1200 yen


The description will be more.

How to spend time in the shop
So, I’m going to write about it after entering my store.
I hope you find it helpful.
It was guided to the vacant counter seat after it entered the shop and it sat.

You showed me.TheMr. MaidIt was polite to explain the system of the shop.

I ordered melon soda .
There was a visitor in the counter seat in the shop and it was relaxed.
The melon Sauder was brought to me at once and it was first moistened.

Mr. RisaTalking with a smile, the seriesThe Edge romantic HouseBegan to attend from last month,Oh, my God.The purpose of the visit toRika-sanTo meet with him.

Rika-San , it was a waiter in the for those who of yesterday was also serving in the series shop is the maid met at the Edge Roman Pavilion .
After a while I entered, the customer departed, and I became only one person.
Because there was no customer, I tried to shoot the store.
The table seat is not visible in the photograph but there is also a group in the back and can enter enough.
For those who you were serving is as follows,
The following image was borrowed from the official Twitter of the shop.

Rika-san was absent when I entered the store, and listened to the training of the newcomer of the affiliate store from Mr. Risa .

Because it was a veteran’s maid, the training seemed to be entrusted.
I was so busy that I thought I could meet him, but after a while I came back.
Before I went to Akihabara, I had a reply to Rika ‘s Tweet on Twitter, but it was a pleasure to see me.
In the swap, Mr. Risa wore a jacket and went out to distribute the flyer.
So, I have become a state that is to lend a for those who .
I had never anticipated that I would be able to talk to Rika-san in my first visit, so I was very fortunate!
We ordered a drink of the reward for Rika-san , and we talked about it with a toast.
Rika-San was looking at my Tweets on Twitter, and I tweeted that my ex-girlfriend would come to Tokyo on business the day before, but she also checked it.
Because there was no one, I talked about my past with my ex-girlfriend.
Rika-san also listened to my story and spent time laughing with each other.
It was such a pleasant time that I thought that it was good to talk about such a smile to monopolize a wonderful maid’s.
No one visits the visitor even if it goes around 20:30, and I thought that it is not too relaxed even though it is a weekday, but Rika ‘s talk was a weekend or a lot of visits, but the Wednesday and the weekday were few.
In the story of Rika-san , the visitor to visit the Edge Roman Pavilion , for those who , was that it was able to serve a lot of very good people happily.
The rule as the shop is not too severe, and the maid seems to work easily.
Even though it was a weekday night, I was so fortunate to be able to speak so much that I felt blow stress accumulated at work.
The second CUP of extra drink was iced coffee.

I came back from the outside in about 20:40am trembling.

When it comes to the night, the temperature falls and it gets colder, so the maid wears a jacket and shakes it.
I ordered a drink for the reward, and talked with Rika and Risa .
This time it was a happy time beyond the fun to monopolize the two maids.
I saw Rika ‘s maid clothes since the Halloween event of the Edge Roman Pavilion , and the pretty maid clothes looked good.
So, I had to take the cheki in two shots.
Rabbit Ear Headband was cute and two rabbits pose.
I was glad to draw a cute drawing of cheki.
At this time, I was laughing at three people talking about the masochistic story such as my marriage failure story.
Customers of regular visit at the end of the half-hour, I have finished the charter state.
It was a bit disappointing, but if I were alone I would have stayed until closing time.
I left at 10pm, but Rika saw me off to the elevator hall outside the door.
For those who is a shop that I want to recommend when I want to talk a lot with the maid because it is often relaxed on weekdays at night.
I think that it is comfortable in a bright store, and the maids also talk positively so that they can spend it happily.
I think that it is also good to try to go around the edge Roman pavilion of the series store of for those who , and the sky Mika Gakuin together.

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