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The important thing is the character and momentum, you know… [Girl ☆ Revue Starlite] Review!

The important thing is the character and momentum, you know… [Girl ☆ Revue Starlite] Review!



The important thing is the character and momentum, you know… [Girl ☆ Revue Starlite] Review!



Broadcast time 2018 Summer Anime
Original Without
Official site Https://

It is one of the leading theatrical schools in Japan.
One transfer student comes to this high school which is famous as prestigious in the theater field.
Her name is Kagura Hikari. It was a childhood friend of the hero and Love Castle Hua Koi.
One day, in the middle of the night, when Hana-Koi, who mysteriously wondered about the light that slipped out of the dormitory, arrived at an unfamiliar elevator.
The destination is a mysterious underground theater. There, the selected stage girls participated in the “Review audition” with each resolution in their chests, and they were waging a fierce duel.

Rating points: 77 points ★ ★ ★ ☆(Honorable mention)



What the… The development

The early stages of this work are… One word would be most appropriate.

At the beginning, the daily life of the girls who attend the theater school is drawn.
Friends around the hero is drawn, then, the story begins to move from where the former best friend of the hero is transferred to school.

I think that it is a work depicting the drama of girls who play theater…


In the second half of the story, the girls begin to fight with weapons in a huge mystery space underground.
It’s really abrupt.
And, when the best friend is likely to be done, the hero transforms and saves the pinch of the best friend.

This makeover scene, the transformation scene of the bank is slimy moving to mystery.
It’s too much to laugh at the high quality.
It is more stylish than ever, the making of the costume, the scene of the makeup is drawn.

And what the hell is this battle scene…?
And in having doubts one story ends.


I wonder if this battle will be explained, especially after the second episode is not explained.
And this battle scene almost every story exists.
There is a simple explanation of such a purpose as being called, “it is possible to get Twinkle” or “Review audition”.
However, it is not what the viewer wants.

What viewers are looking for is why the girls who did not play the theater, but the transcendence move of the battle anime beams, and is spirited sword without mercy.
Is it a match of the pure physical ability or is the ability to be evaluated the song and the dance?
What is the stage that exists in this huge underground space (the gimmick changes every time of the battle) to begin with?
What is a talking giraffe?
Such a doubt is not solved at all.

While holding the question mark, you will continue to watch the high quality bank and the battle scene as the movie version.


At the beginning, I didn’t know how to enjoy this anime.
The character is cute, too and the drawing is good.
However, it is wrapped in the Moyamoya because of this mystery too much battle scene.

Calm down, I want you to see the midfield.
From the middle of the story, you will understand how to enjoy this anime.
Yes, this battle scene is only directing.


The main girls drama

The drawing is great.
The battle scene is one of the top-class drawings of recent combat animation.
However, the main of this work is not a combat.

The main of this work is the drama of girls who aim to be top stars in the stage.


The episode is drawn from the middle, focusing on the main character’s classmates.
These episodes are very high degree of perfection.

First of all, the character of one person stands firmly.
Who is this guy in the early stages? Even the character that I thought, it is to be able to grasp firmly when the story progresses.

There is also a reason that the character Deza has drawn a character firmly, more than that, and everyday scenes and the character of the characters are large to draw little by bit in the episode of other characters.

A serious character is serious, and a playful character playfully.
It seems obvious, but because you can run this firmly, it is not that you do not know who the character.


And what’s great about this anime is that when you dig into a character, you entangled not only one character, but two or more characters.
The character really lives when it has relations with other characters.
I know this anime well.

And the best part of this work is that there is a strong theme in the story of the character.

Genius and the story of an effort-house chasing it.
A childhood friend who has been together for a long time acknowledges each other and goes on a self-reliance story.
The relationship between the two protagonists of the story, there is a relationship that can be said in one word, the story is composed to deepen the relationship.

And, it is “stage” at the center of the story.
The thoughts of girls on the stage.
Although the shape is different, the thought is at the center of the story, and only the drama that the desire crosses and arises is the maximum charm of this work.

And, the place where the desire for the stage knocks, and it is an immediate battle scene in the early stages.


The battle scene is just directing.

The early battle scene was immediate.
However, when it comes to the middle of the work, the enjoyment of this is understood.

This battle scene is a rocket engine of the story so to speak.
It is a part of directing as a propellant to give the work momentum.
This battle scene is not the center of the work now, as in the battle anime never.

Thoughts on the stage of the girls mentioned above.
Thoughts on each other’s relationship.
The place where such a desire knocks is this battle scene.

Girls sing, dance, and fight with all their energies.
And they hit each other’s thoughts together.
I was looking at the semi-laughter at first, but after seeing the great drama part of the 1st half, I remember even the excitement.

“No, y’all normally” there may also be tsukkomi, but there is a great momentum in this battle scene that does not let such a tsukkomi.
There is a production and quality in this battle scene only to make it so.


In this battle scene, the story of the deep digging of characters is not just “good story”, the impression remains as a story with momentum.
Moreover, there is an element which only the work which is not in other animation now enters.
With individuality.

And, the movement of the character that this person parted, and the reality is not possible to draw a flashy stage device only by the animation.
By creating an unreal scene that is not possible on the stage of reality, we are making a work that makes full use of the medium of anime.

It is a wonderful rendition.

However, it moves well.
The highest quality in the animation that I saw recently, it is good to say.
How much do you earn, Bushiroad…


The climax…

From the middle, the animation became very enjoyable.
It became a work with terrific momentum by a wonderful episode and the battle scene which liven it up.

I had come to like this work.
However, this momentum will wither at the climax.
I thought it was just me, but I felt it anyway.
For some reason that?


The focus of the story came back to the hero.

Until now, the main character has been drawn to the focus of classmates and each person surrounding the hero.
These characters were able to love obediently.

But the focus is on the climax, the hero “Hana Koi” and their best friend “Hikari” did not like the two.
So, despite the climax, I could not rise.

The perfection of these two episodes was never low.
Especially, there was the one coming to the scene where the light recovered after it lost the Twinkle, and the relation of these two people was put in the talk little by bit, and it was not quite abrupt, and it was described firmly.

Then, why did not you get on the story of these two people?


One is simply excessive directing, and I did not like the theatrical production like the work now.

It is spared to produce quite a lot of time when it seems to come out the climax feeling.
The mystery which became familiar is a lot of space warp, and there are a lot of time there.
There is also a unique rendition not found in other anime.
Is it because of the theatrical rendition?

The end of the episode was just good to be put out in directing a little combat space, but the end was a little too much food.
However, this might be an individual difference of course.
Because I originally hated such a production, it led to a lower evaluation.


The second one, this is important.
It felt like an episode in the world of two people.

Now the story of the work came toward the theater called “Stalite” in the cultural festival.
Not only the performers, but also the great tools and scripts, and the students behind the scenes have been drawn to make an effort to stage this cultural festival.

However, in the endgame, the story became a way to draw only the relationship between two people.
The goal of the story was to make the relationship between the two of them better.

In fact, these two people, especially the hero, come to give priority to the best friend rather than the play.

Because I know the passion to turn to the stage in the episode of our sub-characters up to now, I got a little annoyed at such a become fool hero.
The view is a little narrow.


It felt the Moyamoya here, and it was not possible to enjoy it by all means.
Only the point was really regrettable.


The good and the momentum of the character is great

Character, especially the sub-character is a lot of very favorite characters.
I like everyone except the hero and Hikari (laughs).

And, there are a lot of hot scenes.
The passion that everyone puts on the stage is real.

It is a battle scene to have expressed the heat in an easy-to-understand bold effect as a video work.
By this, this work was able to get “momentum” that no other.
All the fine tsukkomi are blown away by the momentum that comes from here.
It became a strong work of such individuality.


It was good so far, but I could not get enough in the episode of the hero and best friend of climax as mentioned above.

In addition, until the middle to come to know how to enjoy the work, since the battle scene continues to flow pretty good, it is hard to watch.
Moreover, it might be a work not suitable for the person who is anxious about the detail.

It is not a work suitable for everyone, although it is a work suitable for the person who likes the work that a character like oneself is good and vigor.
However, the quality of the midfield is high.
It is a work that I can recommend to the oddball who thought that it looked interesting by looking at this review.

Let me say one last thing, the OP works great too.
It can be said that it wants to see only this.

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