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Tofuku-An (1 December, 2018)

Tofuku-An (1 December, 2018)

The head of Tofuku-ji temple is the people of the Sengoku era like you know,
There is a dekoyuan who is said to have rebuilt the Qiong.

You can only visit this site in advance and special admission in spring and autumn.

That’s why I haven’t seen it yet.
I saw beautiful autumnal leaves when I went through the mountain gate, so I stopped by.

Address: 15-793 Honmachi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, Japan
Sect: Rinzai Sect Tofukuji School
Principal Image: Sensen Kansatsu no Bodhisattva
Founded: Sadazu 2 years (1346)
Founder: Osho The Sex Sea Spirit
Fuawaken: Luoyang Sacred Sites

Temple Gate

[Tereishi Stone Mark]

Stone Buddha


Conspicuously red foliage on the right side.


There is a land warehouse hall next to the autumn leaves.

The Land Warehouse Hall can be seen normally,
I was surprised to see the inside of the Domi.

Because it was enshrined with dawn that it was better than expected.

The small is a staple of the Buddha of the Rinzai sect Tower Head Temple,
Tamaki Jizo-son enshrined to the exit is the size of the nonstandard.

From Onodera became a deserted temple in the early Meiji, apparently,
It seems to be a guest Buddha who was transferred to the retreat.


This is THE autumnal leaves.

It is a splendid red. (^ ^

These foliage are also stunning.

[Onokomachi hundred years old well]

When Onokomachi was 100 years old,
A well that is said to mourn by seeing the appearance of oneself reflected in the well.

Well, let’s finish this story. Wry smile

You can have the priest in the Red Seal,
Brilliant to rush to the next place of autumnal leaves.

I’ll have you at the next special visit.<!–


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