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Tsukihoji Temple (on June 11, 2016)

Tsukihoji Temple (on June 11, 2016)

After visiting Atago-Jinja shrine, we went to Redeemer-ji temple.

The route to Tsukihoji temple is different from Omotesando
It seems to be a trail like a mountain trail.

Address: 7, Saga Kiyotaki-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto
Sect: Tendai-shu
Principal Image: Amida-Nyorai
Founded: Daibao 4 (704)
Kaiki (DEN) Taizumi
Fuujo: Honen-People, twenty-five sacred sites

It is the ground of the retraite of Kujo Kanemi who was converted to Honen person,
The top person came to this mountain retreat and was often preaching.

Ukaman 73 years old Motohisa 2 (1205)
When the bridge of this garden is passed, the head light is seen
The real public sees the odd end to walk by stepping on the lotus flower in the Void
The story that the prostration was thrown and it was worshipped has been told.

This temple is the opening of the Emperor Mitsuhito (781)
The person on Kuya has become a zhongxing.

There is a temple called the three temples of the erected (1751-1763) in the Treasure calendar year,
The statues of Honen, Kuya, and Kanemi are enshrined in the temple.

In the case of the opening, because the poetry of the Moon Ring was written in the mirror dug out from the ground,
It is named after the Moon Temple.

[Ridge Road]

I’ll go down below.


There is a spot where you can see such Kyoto city immediately.

Check your smartphone for a break.
There were three radio waves standing.

[Guide Board]

We will go down for 50 minutes to Tsukihoji temple.


We’ll walk down the road like this for a while.

It seems to be a mountain trail much better than stairs.

I’m tired of walking for 30 minutes indeed.

They come to their knees Weep

A fast person flew down as a fool.
That’s great!

I’m not too strong, but when I think about my knees, I can’t be unreasonable.

The building has finally come into view.

There is no doubt that it is in Tsukiji temple.

Phew, I’m tired.

Arrive in about 40 minutes.

[Dragon Woman Water]

The sacred water which is said to be received from the Ryujin of the Kiyotaki River by the person on Kuya.

Stone Buddha


It is a small temple.

[Shinran Saint statue]

Main Hall

【 Sakura Shigure 】

It is said that it is third generation, and it is Shinran saints ‘ hand planting.

【 Sansoshido 】

The people of the circle, Honen, and Shinran Saints are enshrined in the temple.

【 Japan Ishikusuhana/Atago Gondou 】

The one in the foreground is Ishikusuka of the natural monument that Akechi Mitsuhide is planted.

In the back is Atago Gondou.

There is still damage caused by mudslides,
Could not be approached.

The heavy machinery is impossible in such a place.

[Guide Board]

Is it taking 90 minutes to the parking lot of Kiyotaki? Sigh

【 Treasure Lord 】

It is that I can not manage on Saturdays and Sundays by reservation basically,
It was not possible to visit.

If I use the restroom, I’m asking for 200 yen or donations.
Why is it only on weekdays?

It’s a profitable source.

This temple is supporters.
It is written that the fate of the temple is a crisis in the influence of mudslides.

So it’s good to solicit donations,
It only has to be a volley of the limited red stamp like Katsubayashi temple, Rikudou Jinji temple, and Jujiji temple.


Taken from the treasures 殿.


I’m going to go down for sixty minutes.


[Personal assistant Jizo]

It is said that it is a mark of the sacred water miracle.

It’s 20 minutes from the temple.

There is no stairs but I will go down the rocky with a step.

This is hard.

There is no pain, but I can see the burden on my knees is growing.

If you are asked whether you dislike climbing or descending,
I hate going down.

I don’t like climbing because I have a purpose.
The descent comes to the knee.

So if it was a mountain with a ropeway,
I use the ropeway and go down without hesitation. Lol

【 Dou Jogawa 】

It was written in the Guide board 60 Minutes,
We arrived in 40 minutes.

It was a 40-minute descent from the two-hour climb.

[Tsukikoji Tokiriguchi]

There were three free parking lots in the vicinity of Tsukikoji Temple.

It was a blind spot because I thought that there was no.

I wonder if there is one hour to can climb from here.

【 Kuya Waterfall Entrance 】

I aimed at Kuya waterfall,
It took ten to fifteen minutes to stop.

It was truly hard.


There was a raccoon of Shigaraki ware in the place.

【 Dou Jogawa 】

顏 here and wash the towels.

Super feeling good.

It was the best. (^ ^

[Tokai Nature Trail]

【 Dou Jogawa 】

It is a river along the nature sidewalk.

[Tokai Nature Trail]

It is a sidewalk where one car can barely pass.

You have to go through this road to get to the parking lot of Tsukihoji.
It is the road which seems to be quite impatience for the first time.

It is hard when the oncoming car comes,
I think that there is little worry.

Walking is a smooth road, but there is a good distance.

Spring water

It was cold and delicious. (^ ^

[Fern Plant]

[Branch Point]

It seems to be able to go to Kaohsiung when going on the right road.

【 Kiyotaki River 】

I returned to the parking lot of Kiyotaki.

It was five hours from the start of the mountain climbing.

Tsukikoji free parking ⇒ tsukibe temple ⇒ Atago shrine ⇒ Tsukiji temple ⇒ Tsukiji Temple free parking lot
The next time you choose the route.

It seems that the easiest route is from the head of no Jizo.
Free parking.

[Red Seal]

[Hirosawa Pond]

I went home after I stopped by Hirozawa Pond where I could see my favorite scenery.

I did my best today. (^ ^<!–


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