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Unzen Temple (Worship on August 5, 2017)

Unzen Temple (Worship on August 5, 2017)

There is a ropeway in the pilgrimage temple.

However, the round trip 2060 yen and expensive.

If it is a parking lot of the temple, it costs 500 yen for the approach repair cooperation.

Each person chooses which one, but
I’m going to choose the cheapest one.

So check it in advance and enter your phone number in the navigation
When I drive a car, I arrive at Unzen-ji Ropeway.

The phone number seems to have been wrong. (^ ^;

I decided to use the ropeway after all because there is no way,
The parking lot to the temple is going to be running for 50 minutes on the cruel Road,
It is actually a correct answer by using the ropeway.

In particular, line 6 is a you squirmy pass,
Please be careful because it is the way that one can finally pass.

Address: 763-2, Ikeda-cho, Miyoshi city, Tokushima
Sect: Shingon sect Miventricular Sect.
Principal Image: Sentekannon Bodhisattva
Founded: 8 years (789)
Kaiki: (DEN) Hiroshidaishi
The temple: Shikoku 88 Places Sacred Sites


It was in search of the building materials of Zentsuji (No. 75) When Daishi was 16 years old.
The heart was struck by a profound sacred mountain and it was erected.

This is the foundation of the Unzen Temple.

Hirohito 9 years (818) he climbed up and carved the principal image of Emperor Saga
The stupa and the collecting cremation Lushan Buddha were appointed to the mountain, and it was ordained sacred sites the seven Buddha Memorial.

Sacred Sites is the dojo of the study and training of Shiru monks from each country of Shikoku,
It is called the Shikoku Takano and flourished.

In the year of Sadatō (859-877), it has become Emperor Seiwa’s imperial Temple.

The Kamakura period Cathedral Shichido, as Castellan had a 12-Bo and Sudaiji eight temple in the precincts,
It is said that it was a checkpoint of Awa, Iyo, and Sanuki.

Tensho years (1573-1792), Chosokabe Motochika Former parents of Tosa,
To visit the Unzen temple on the White Castle of this land, you want to look down from the hill
It was aimed at the conquest of Shikoku, but was admonition by the priest at that time.

After it had become the Edo period, it received the generous protection of the AWA Lord and Hachisuka.

The highest altitude of the Shikoku sacred sites is 911 meters,
Sacred sites near the summit of the Shikoku Mountains, it is a dangerous spot called pilgrimage rolling.

[Unzen Ropeway]

Depart at 16:00.

I used to have a temple in the mountains. (^ ^;

I made such an iron pillar well.

Arrive in about seven minutes.

It is a correct answer using the ropeway after all. (^ ^

The temperature is cool at 27 °c.


When I go straight, I see a big statue.

The desire to go to check is suppressed, and it advances to the left of the main hall first.

[The Special Temple]

[500 arhats]

It is a pretty real han.

But it’s a great number.

There is a lot of Han-san in the bottom. (^ ^

They actually have 500 arhats.

[Shichige Stone Tower]

It is a Chinese style.

[Nirvana Buddha]

[Daishi Breast Ginkgo]


It’s a new deva.

The old Deva was more under, but it was a bitter gate.

[Statue of Niwang]



Why is there a deva on the tip of the temple?

I thought there was a main hall, but it was different. (^ ^;

However, Mr. Daishi is not vanished.

This is funny.

Yes, there was a temple in the back.

Oh, this is daishido.

It is a front shrine of the shrine.

【 Belfry 】

【 Misfortune Elimination 】

[Kannon Bodhisattva]

[Gosha Daigonen]


Main Hall

It is a modern main hall.

This kind of thing is rather bitter or tasteless.


[Consider your own]

Hare. Wry smile

[Carrying Buddhist temple]


[Bishamonten Observatory]

This slope bears a sober.

Inside, you can climb up into a spiral like this.

View from the top floor.

It’s pretty high. (^ ^;


Excellent view.

However, I felt like building a temple in such a remote place well. (^ ^;


Why is it Bishamonten?

It’s usually a daishi or principal image.

Stone Buddha

[Red Seal]


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