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Yakushi-in Zen-Lin Temple (February 11, 2018)

Yakushi-in Zen-Lin Temple (February 11, 2018)

The trip of the Wakayama pilgrimage is a little more.

The next is the Zen-Lin Temple of the western Yakushi-sacred sites in Kansai.

This is a venerable temple called the Emperor of the Holy Takeshi.

Address: 424 Shikawa, Hainan city, Wakayama Prefecture
Sect: Shingon Sect Koyasan
Principal Image: Yakushi-Nyorai
Founded: Tenpei Annual (729-749)
Founder: Tamitsu Kamito
Temple of the West: sacred Sites, Kiyuki, sacred sites, Takano nagamine sacred Sites
Blurred twenty-four Jizo-Reigō station

From now, over 1250 years ago, in the Tenpei era, the man on the light of Aoryuji temple in Tang
It began to have this ground from Emperor of the Holy Takeshi, and to have been erected as Emperor’s imperial decree.

In the Middle Ages, it was also called “Hatagawa-ji Temple”, and cathedral Nandou in the valley,
It was a house lined with the three companies and the company.

However, the Kondo and the Temple depot were destroyed in the fire before the Kenbu
Even after being re-Tensho 13 years (1585) for the fire by the southern conquest of Toyotomi Hideyoshi,
It was destroyed again American enterprises will, and all the vast terlands were confiscated.

After that, the temple was revived by the Nakaniuki of Shukei Temple, which was one of the head temples.

The temple is popularly known as the Shikawa’s Yakushi-san, and is widely enjoyed by people.


There is a temple in a long-winded place.

Park your car in a larger free parking lot and visit the hotel.

【 Belfry 】

It was rebuilt in the 4th year of the Treasure Calendar (1754).


Main Hall

The present hall was rebuilt in 1831 in the third year of the Tenpo.

Principal image’s Yakushi-Buddha is a secret Buddhist who is once in the 33rd year
It is said that the person is the one in the seven Buddha lead from Aoryuji temple.

[Training Daishi]

[Blurred Jizo]


Stone Buddha

Ming Dynasty immovable.

It is a rare Buddha that became bare until thigh.

[88 New West countries sacred sites]

There was a mini-sacred sites.

[Eye Medicine well]

There is a well lid in front of the stone Buddha,
It is unknown whether there is still water.

Buddha behind the Jizo-son is not understood well.


[Red Seal]

I received the red Seal of the Kiyuki country of thirteen Buddha sacred sites in the four bodies.<!–


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