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Yakushiji and Hakuho Exhibition commemorative book

Yakushiji and Hakuho Exhibition commemorative book

Purchased at Hakuho Exhibition held at Nara National Museum.

Size: 22 cm x16 CM
Price: 1,500 yen (including the Red Seal)
With a vinyl cover.

There is a shoebox in the Red Seal Book of Yakushiji.
This is completely off.

Anyway, because the paper does not smoke, it does not dry.

Dryer is required. Wry smile

If it’s a thin ink,
The ink has hardened if it is a dark ink like the pilgrimage.

In spite of that, it is moist with moisture.

Instead it does not reverse.
I don’t smoke ink. Wry smile

As the Red Seal book that the temple which would be Yakushiji is put out,
It is a very disappointing and lousy Deki.

Because the design is good with great pains,
I wanted you to use a good paper because it does not matter in the fee 2000 yen.

As a use for the time being,
As well as the Red Seal Book of the Tenju Unbu of Jian-kun shrine,
I have to use it to put the memo.<!–


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