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Yukiki-ji (worship on September 16, 2018)

Yukiki-ji (worship on September 16, 2018)

I finished to visit the main hall of the Yuji Temple,
Next is the visit to the garden.

The hallway that follows from the main hall is shiny.

It is a shiny degree to surpass the corridor of Nagaira-ji.

[Moss Garden]

When you enter the first room of Shoin, you can see a beautiful garden in the back.

First of all, breathe here.

I am very calm.

Hanging scroll

It is a famous phrase learnt in the class of the classics.

I personally like the word impermanence.

[Corridor Type Garden]

[While facing]

This is the moment I entered! I think it is between the faces.

It is very cozy in the face with the views of the Nobi plain.

It makes me feel great.

Hanging scroll

Garden of the View

Better than what the weather thought. (^ ^

There are 108 stepping stones in the garden that are the same as the number of disturbing desires.

[Corridor Type Garden]


There is a between the Lord here.

[Hand Water bowl]


[Corridor Type Garden]

It is a wonderful garden from wherever you look.

It is definitely the garden of the Tokai one.

[Between the Lord]

It was not possible to enter between the Lord indeed.

[Moss Garden]

From among the Lord came back to the Moss garden again.

【 The garden of the dry landscape 】

The waterfall which falls to the bare rock in the back of the Moss Garden is stylish.

[Tower Clock]

Meiwa 3 (1766) is a Japanese clock that the watchmaker Ohashi Michihisa made a policy.

[Moss Garden]

This is the end of the visit of the garden and Shoin.

It was really nice to be in the face of each of the shoin.

I want to live in such a room all the time. Lol

Temple Gate

I leave the Yugji temple with satisfaction.

The access is bad but the value is very good.

It is also mandatory to visit. (^ ^

[Red Seal]


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