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(Additional edit) what is Chiba’s traditional local gourmet “Taimaki matsuri sushi”?

(Additional edit) what is Chiba’s traditional local gourmet “Taimaki matsuri sushi”?

This is an article I wrote earlier,
Because I found a place that is easy to get more, I was re-posted to write some additional.

Once every two weeks in a certain ramen blog,
Nissin’s Cup noodles and seven-Eleven meat sauce seems to have just re-posted, not only not be blamed from anyone, because it looks like a blog more popular than me,
Re-posting this place is a break m (__) m
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I’m very impressed with this one day.
The power of FB and Twitter is overwhelming…

Chiba Prefecture is a local B-class gourmet in the backward province,
There are a few local delicacies.
Among them, it has become famous in recent years Kore


This is a product called “Taimaki matsuri Sushi”.
Also known as Flower Sushi.

The sushi itself is different everywhere, but
Chiba is characterized by a lot of elaborate visual things

This seems to be seen often from Chiba City to the south,
Unfortunately, there is no information can eat in restaurants.

It is supposed to be a local gourmet in Chiba, why?? …
The reason is simple…

This is a kind of bento. (^^)

Ceremonial occasions favors in the old days?? Many,
It was roughly distributed in the set with the funeral bun.

Almost 40 years ago… The story of when I was a child.

When the deceased father, the family of a subordinate of the company died,
I had a funeral with my family.
It was this that my father brought back to my house at that time.

This Taimaki festival sushi,
If you look at the roots around the city of Yamatake,
It seems to have been a root for a long time as a thing to offer on the day of the hare widely in Chiba’s Kazusa and Awa District.

But from the end of the Showa era to Heisei, it was becoming the area of caterers that are affiliated with The Undertaker,
Some of them have inherited recipes and cultures.
There are still many people who can make local housewives,
It seems to be selling to a book now. (Д °)

Anyway, such a thick-rolled festival sushi,
Where you can get the closest from Tokyo,

A farmer’s farm near the windmill in the Inba SwampAnd
Higashifri-Shi Road station higashigold span >
And the City of Chiba
Kasori-Bo Station
Three places in total

The rest is a little far, but
Michi No Sato Ichihara
Road station Kimitsu (it is almost in Kamogawa even if it is said Kimitsu)

In the old days, it was a big pleasure to be in the village.

However, it seems not to sell every day,
Because there is a limit in the number because it is completely handmade, it sells out soon

If you want to get sure, I want to go by noon.

Those who are not in time, I wish I could meet… It is good to go with the feeling of the place.

By the way, I have never seen it in a local supermarket.
The agricultural sales place and the road station,
It’s the quickest way to travel around noon.


The guy in the photo is a lovely and sober person…
This is what I bought at the station on Kimitsu Road.
I went there before 2 pm, so I only sold this noda (T-T)
You have to go by noon…

By the way, the flower sushi in the top photo was bought at the agricultural sales place in front of the windmill in Inba Swamp.

A small gimbap of flavor
Inside the big gimbap.
GIMBAP IN gimbap was feeling.

The flashy guy is more flashy.
It’s like a magic trick.

By the way, the other
It sells vegetable sushi which does not roll.
Is it a derivative from the Taimaki festival sushi??

This is a vegetable sushi that I bought at Ohtaki station.


The exquisite match of wild vegetables, vinegar rice and egg
It tasted the flow of the flower sushi.
The steamed rice with Ginger is also matched with a slightly thin egg.
It was quite delicious (^ Q ^)

I think this kind of guy is still sleeping.
I want to add it again if I find it.


This is a sushi festival that I saw at Kasori station.
Visual is good (^^)
↓ ↓


Ichihara Road Station “Ichihara no Sato” Taimaki Matsuri Sushi
This is a cute (^^)
The taste and the visuals are the best for now.
↓ ↓


Or a more flashy guy,
I’m looking for a square type, but it’s hard to find… (T_T)
Someone, looking for information!!

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