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After all, I could not draw a character named Fujiko Mine “LUPIN the Third-a woman named Mine Fujiko” review

After all, I could not draw a character named Fujiko Mine “LUPIN the Third-a woman named Mine Fujiko” review



After all, I could not draw a character named Fujiko Mine “LUPIN the Third-a woman named Mine Fujiko” review



Broadcast time Apr.-Jun. 2012
Original Monkey Punch
Official site Http://

Lupin the third to invade an island to aim at a certain treasure.
Then, Lupin meets a beautiful, mysterious woman.
The woman’s name was “Mine Fujiko”, and it was a mysterious woman thief.
Two encounter of sweet and dangerous, telling the beginning of this story…


Rating points: 52 points ★ ★ ☆ ☆ (available)


A radical and distinctive style of lupin

First of all, the most distinctive feature of this work would be a very radical depiction of the character de Za and the late-night anime.

Cara de Za has become a pretty adult-like design conscious of the hard-boiled style of the original.
Colors and shadows are different from other Lupin works.

In addition, as one of the features of the work now, there is a radical depiction seems to be anime late night.
Speaking of mine Fujiko, it was a character to expose the naked in the series until now.
However, there was little that the local such as the nipple was reflected.
The restriction has been lifted in the work now.

Basically, the nipple is visible in the naked scene, and the sex scene (though not depicted directly) exists firmly.

In that sense, it can be said that it is a very adamant work.
It is the work that an adult atmosphere is drifting on the whole.

It might be the relation between Lupin and Fujiko that this atmosphere is understood well.
Unlike other Lupin works, Lupin is not the going after of Fujiko’s butt.
He is in touch with Fujiko with a margin of attitude.
The “Le panda Eve”, represented by Lupin series, is not done, and Fujiko is touched by the “object to steal” and the feeling of an interesting woman, and this delicate relation is attractive only by it.

The most attractive thing about this work is the “hard-boiled”, which is commonly seen in this relationship.


The activity of the Lupin gang to the midfield is attractive

While focusing on Fujiko mine until the middle, the story progresses in a complete story.

At this time, someone or Captain Zenigata of the Lupin gang appeared in a guest character position.
The story of one complete story until this midfield is very high degree of perfection.

It is made to compensate it by coolness of the character who comes out although it becomes sober in the style.
It was especially remarkable that these two short exchanges were so attractive that they would make a perfect bonus for the three-dimensional interaction between Lupin and the dimension.

Let’s share the charm of Lupin’s gang with a unique atmosphere of this work.
I think that the intention of such a producer was understood well, and the intention had been achieved enough.


However, it is a treatment of five e gate to have thought that one is personally subtle.
It is not so in the work now, and it has fallen in love with Fujiko seriously oppositely in the art of the Lupin up to now, and it is cool, and it was a position that it embarrassingly to Fujiko in the Sonkon Lupin.

The way of the love was also good if it was a cool love way like Lupin, but also coupled with the tone of the gate, I felt a really bad love way…
“I’m going to be your”
I honestly didn’t want to see the gate.

Even in such a way of speaking, if you were acting with the coolness and one belief to rely on in a pinch, it would have attracted to the gap, but now the five e Gate of the work is not so.

I’m not acting with any belief, just a killer who’s trying to assassinate me for reasons I don’t understand well.
And it’s not a cool and perfect way to work. (I think there are many who fail)
It doesn’t seem to be cool in this.
The treatment of these five e gates was regrettable because the depiction of Lupin and the dimension was very attractive.


The existence of a completely failed oris character

As a regular original character of the work now, there is a character called “Lieutenant Oscar”.

I have to say that this character was completely unsuccessful.

As a feature of this character, it is a character that I love Captain Zenigata “terrific” (of course, it is a man character).
If this is a character of a gag work, it would have become an interesting character as a homo character.

However, the style of the work now is a hardboiled hard.
In it, this character has completely floated.
His appearance on the Captain Zenigata is quite disgusting, to be honest.
When Fujiko and Lupin become the usual developments that Zenigata chases, the depth of Oscar’s jealousy to them, the description is terrific, and it is a donpull.

If this homo depiction was necessary for the development of the story, it could still be understood, but Oscar’s Homo setting was not necessary for the development of the work from the beginning to the end.
To be honest, I think the story was not a hindrance to the mob cop A that Oscar went.

I do not know whether this character is a writer’s hobby, or had been instructed to make as a fan service to acquire a big girl from above, but it would be possible to say that it was completely “failure” character.


It ruined everything. Late-stage development

It takes about last three episodes, and it enters the development uncovering the truth of the past of Fujiko mine.

However, the development of this end of this essential point is hopeless.

First of all, there is directing, such as hallucinogenic symptoms by medicine, I’m looking at what is true or not well.
There was also a lot of dislike of the video work to produce such a production personally, I could not concentrate on the story at all.

And, the past hen of the essential Fujiko is not interesting at all.
Still the Homo lieutenant Oscar is annoying.
Because it was the content which was able to be forecast, there was not the excitement feeling comparatively in the burning.
Fujiko also has a buoyant of the usual attitude is gone, there is no charm as a character.

To say the climax was not too tense.
The Lupin gang is also gathered, but the feeling of being collected forcibly by the circumstances of the script is strong, there is no upsurge.


And the worst is the last twist.

A good twist is not to be predictable, and to end a story neatly in another form.
However, this work is close to the back of the table.

“There is no point in the past of Fujiko mine.”
Because it declared.

I might have wanted to make it a surprising screenplay, but this is not a surprise, but a shock and anger.
I only thought that I was running away from the big role of drawing the true character of Fujiko mine.

The development of this late stage was regrettable because the beginning and the midfield had a polite, one story complete type and a good interest in sober.


Conclusion: It is more interesting not to have Fujiko

It was a sarcastic story that it was dull about the times that Fujiko went out to the front in the comparatively title of “woman named Fujiko Mine”.

It was the most interesting when it was progressing in one story complete with the stance of introducing the Lupin Gang of this work from the viewpoint of Fujiko instead of focusing Banff National Park on Fujiko.
The story of Fujiko in the endgame is as I mentioned earlier…


Ken Koike, who performed the impressive character de Zaza in his work, later served from the director of the “LUPIN THE IIIRD” series to Chardeza, the superintendent, and has sent out excellent theatrical works to the world.
“Grave of the dimension Daisuke” It is two works of “Blood Smoke Ishikawa GoE Gate” . (Both reviewed)  

It is definitely more interesting than the work now, and the one who liked the early atmosphere of the work is a must-see work.


As an aside, because of this work “Okada I-ri is the end of the boner script theory” has gone up the credibility of…


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