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After all, to a Shibai war movie… Anime movie “In the corner of the World” review

After all, to a Shibai war movie… Anime movie “In the corner of the World” review



After all, to a Shibai war movie… Anime movie “In the corner of the World” review



この世界の片隅に 劇場アニメ公式ガイドブック

Screening Start date November 12, 2016
Original The history of this
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Suzuko Urano and “Tin-san” are ordinary girls who live in Esashi, Hiroshima City.
Suddenly, the marriage is brought up to such a tin-san.
In February 1944, Mr. Suzu came to Wu and the bride in the story while the good and the bad were not decided. Wu was a major base of the Japanese Navy in those days and flourished as a city of naval port.
In a strange land, the days of Mr. Suzu, who became the wife of a naval officer and Shusaku Hojo, began.

Rating scores 75 points ★ ★ ★☆ (Ryosaku)


※ There is no spoilers (there seems to be no spoilers more than PV)


Is it the best if it sees as a daily animation?

The most personal favorite of this work is PV.
I want you to watch this PV without saying anything.

This anime, if you look at the daily animation of the atmosphere of the PV, I’m proud of perfection can say perfect.

The life of the citizens during the war and the way of life are carefully drawn, and it is made to empathy with the viewer immediately before it rushes into the Showa era.
It is very difficult for us to portray the lives of people living in a time of war that we have never experienced before, so that we can be emotionally populated.

Therefore, when I draw an ordinary war drama, I put it in the element like love or family love and draw it.
It is a theory to make the story empathy by these comprehensible drama elements which are common also in our age.

However, the animation does not draw these elements very much.
Although there are some romantic comedy elements, it is not the main axis of the story.
The encounter with the married partner is not drawn dramatically, and the hero is thrown around and marries somehow when marrying.

The character of the character of the hero is still large in the animation which is attractive enough by such a method.

Usually cute, it is attractive

It is a hero of the work now, Mr. Tin, it is a really sober character attached.

The expression is not an expression like the animation though it becomes the expression of the blunder child if it is expressed in a word.
When I started doing one thing, I was absorbed in my mind, and I said I would become distracted.

In addition, the appearance is not described as a beautiful woman who is easy to understand.
Still, keep an eye on this child’s movement.
I think it is very cute.

It is probably because this hero is “normal”.
Tiny, laid-back at the store, gentle and kinda klutz.
Because it is such a realistic character that one person was in the class, we can also feel empathy.

In addition, the skillful point of this work is to make the element during the war a spice, erase the ridicule, and draw the hero’s cuteness.
Entering the age of war, the rationing system began, and the bomb shelter started to be made…
In such a way that it leans gradually to non-daily life, Tin’s daily life is as relaxed as usual.

When the amount of the ration decreases, it worries variously to increase the use of the way of eating the wild grass that was taught from the aunt in the vicinity.
When I was thinking about going out to a little town, I lost my way to the road.
It is a don as usual, and a peaceful daily life of tin who does not smell the war at all is drawn.

Even in the depiction that usually feel the bruises, the action of Mr. Suzu who does not think the oppressive atmosphere of the war we know is not at all feel the bruises.
The action of this tin-san is rather dear to be honest.

The daily life of Mr. Tin when entering this war was personally very favorite.
The tin-san that was not drawn to the beautiful woman in spite of the main character, it was cute in a terrific momentum and felt attractive when going into this part.
The part of the first half of the day was very favorable…


After all the deterioration “tomb of the Fire” or become…

The second half of the story begins with the bombing of the U.S. Army, and the daily life of Suzu begins to be destroyed physically and thoroughly.
The atmosphere of the story changes from the warm fuzzy mood to the present, and it becomes atmosphere of the war movie.

I personally do not like this development of the second half.
As for the animation movie which tells the misery of the war, “Tomb of the Fire show” is famous, but personally, the development of the latter half of this movie has received the impression like the deterioration version of it.

Of course, it is understood that this work does not try to reach the same road as “Tomb of the Fire”.
It does not develop with the misery as the work, and it is likely not to become the same feelings as the tomb of the Firefly seeing the end of the story.

But I still felt that this was not what I was looking for in this anime.
It is very difficult to make an anti-war film on the theme of the misery of wars and to attract viewers.
The reason is that it is difficult to remain in the memory of people if it beats the masterpiece of the past appeals very much, and it does not strike out the quality which is said that if it is an anti-war movie.

This work is understood, and it has been thoroughly drawn as “everyday” animation in the first half.
It might have been challenged to draw the focus on the woman in the Showa era “tin-san”.
It is inevitable that the one “misery of the war” is involved by all means in that.
It will be difficult to draw tin’s life without drawing it.

However, if the description as a war drama thickens there, the first half of this animation becomes only a long intro.
The message that this work wants to convey is something that I personally feel like I have blurred.

I do not want to compare it with other works during the review, but I would like to compare the “wind” of Hayao Miyazaki as an animated film that dealt with the same Pacific war.
The tragedy of the war and the tragic love in the war were not made a theme, and it sent out a strong message not in other Shibai works by drawing one “engineer” named Jiro Horikoshi to this world.

I had a similar expectation in this work.
It is not “engineer” like Jiro Horikoshi, nor “soldier” like Yamamoto Isoroku, and “Tin-san” is Everywhere “ordinary girl” life, by drawing her Noh weather “everyday”, we Was expected to deliver a strong message not in other war movies.
Rather than a message, I wanted a personality that could only be seen in this movie.

I think this is going to be very difficult.
But many rave storms, “it’s not just a war movie! Because I heard the voice on the net, I had hoped.

Unfortunately, it was betrayed by expectation, and it became an impression of one of many war movies.


There is a little difficulty in the war scene…?

I want you to forgive me for not being an overall review of the story, but rather a small scolding.

First of all, the drawing of the scene concerning “war” because it dealt with “war” to say the most is that it was good to put the yell a little more.

This is the most personal thing I’ve ever thought of.
This comes out in the daily part of the first half, if you can draw the heterogeneity of the “Yamato” here, and the enormity, and well contrasted with the ordinary everyday of Tin’s, I think that was a wonderful directing…
It is a depiction in the form of witnessing Yamato from a distance, but I have been slightly disappointed in that Shobo…

The “Tomb of the Fire” Anno Hideaki drew a heavy cruiser of Maya who is the power of the way!?

This is the story of a very personal hobby, but I am very picky about the bombing scenes of war movies.
There is a bombing scene only to deal with the Pacific War this time.
The only thing that I can not allow one point in the bombing scene of this work only to the fussy me…

Do not draw a bomb to drop with a Shobo CG!!

It was really a nagging scolding.

The other scene is only a theatrical animation, and it is a powerful sound and the drawing though such a scolding was said.
I assure you that it is not a scene with low budget feeling.


It is a fine work although it does not go to the masterpiece.

I received a storm of rave reviews in each place, but I was able to fall in the category of “Yoshisaku” even if I praised it personally.

It is a masterpiece as “everyday animation” and the first half part which drew well the tempo while coloring with the spice of “war” with only a little of the daily part of Mr. Tin, and I loved it It was very regrettable that the individuality of this work was lost as it entered the war part of the second half, and it ended as a Shibai war movie in the end.

The main character, Mr. Suzu is really cute, so I recommend you to enjoy her cuteness and watch it with a light feeling.

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