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Anime [Kemono friends] Review of serious Chilla is too true

Anime [Kemono friends] Review of serious Chilla is too true



Anime [Kemono friends] Review of serious Chilla is too true



Broadcast time January-March, 2017
Original Animal
Official site  Http://

One day, Serval, a friend of “friends” living in the “Savannah Chiho” of Jpari Park, finds one lost child who appeared on his turf.
She is named “Bag” which is named after the lost belongings to the lost person who does not have the memory of who he is or where he came from. Serval suggested that he might be able to understand something if he went to the library, and took up the guidance to the library.


Number of Evaluation: 86 points (Ryosaku) ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆


※ There is no spoiler


It was an obvious anime smell.

This animation became supremacy at a dash from the state that had not been noticed at all.

My first evaluation of this anime was, frankly speaking, “an interesting dung animation came out.”
( Here is a summary of the story of the 2017 winter anime)

A low-quality CG, a reading voice actor who feels madness, a screenplay that does not have any special pull or deployment.
The setting is an ordinary setting which is called personification of the animal.
At the beginning of the five minutes I was thinking about stopping the dumbfounded to watch too much, but I would feel that it is interesting to the contrary and can be terrible so far, and continued to watch.

Then, the scene that the screen becomes unnatural darkening suddenly by a layer mistake or something’ll busy again out twice.
The commentary part of the zoo keeper of the real world suddenly enters.

The blood of my animation lover has felt that these elements are interesting.
However, when I think that it is a dung animation and watch two stories, the charm which is different from “The dung animation feeling” bleeding.


Everyday? Gag? The world of Jalpari Park

Honestly, it’s a story without a dramatic expansion.
Although the presence of a clear enemy Cerulean is depicted, the big goal of the story is not to defeat Cerulean.

The main goal of the story is to know the origin of the hero.
In the process, the friends we meet.
Her problem is solved by the “human” wisdom of the main character’s bag.
It is basically a story of one complete story.


The genre of this anime is personally very difficult.

It is not a feeling that a character that is unique like the gag animation barrage of the gag, and there is no punch line at all in the story like a heartwarming everyday animation.
The feeling that is very comfortable to look at this might be only this work.

The biggest cause of this comfort is the friends who appear as characters.
They are the personification of animals.
They are really “pure”, unlike other anime personified characters.
They have the purity which can be called “personification of the animal” positively.

This purity can be said to be “idiot’s child”, but the impression is different from the child of a general idiot.

When you get angry, you get angry and enjoy it when you are happy.
There is little courtesy or social.
Regardless of the constraints we are tie to live as modern “humans”, we live in our own mind.
That is not to say that we are not admitting others, we respect individual individuality, we acknowledge others as others, and we go out.

It is healed naturally by the action of such a pure character.

The original of the Kemono Friends is “animal”, Yoshizaki Kannon of the concept design was talking, but it is an animal “purity”, and the atmosphere unique to this work will be a big charm.


The fun of the road movie

There is another charm of this work.

It’s a fun road movie.

It’s basically a complete story.
The story moves to the stage in one region, and parting with friends who met on the spot at the end of the story, and goes to a new provinces for one story.
When the story is finished, it does not come out basically except the main character of two people named the bag neatly Serval.

This meeting and parting is another charm of the work now.
It’s not a dramatic story to say goodbye to a meeting, but to break up with tears.
We met on the spot and parted to become “friends” and to break up with “friends”.

This is not too dramatic, just a good distance will touch our heartstrings.


The protagonists are not traveling without a purpose.
The purpose of going to the library to know the origin of the main character is set, and it is a flow of approaching as the number of stories increases there.

This makes it possible for viewers to have a sense that “the story is moving,” even though one story is complete.

I repeat the meeting and parting with the people who met on the trip while approaching the destination little by bit.

Surprisingly, this is a big attraction of this work, which was not found in recent anime.

The significance of the presence of Mr. Alai and Feneck

It is the presence of Mr. Alai and Feneck to further enhance the appeal of such a road Mubi.

The appearance that they follow the hero in each story C part is described.
There is a friend whom the hero met, and ally who heard the story from the friends is chasing after the hero again.

The way of approaching the destination in the same way as the main characters in such a shape, also makes the story progress.

The main attraction of this part is the re-appearance of the friends they met.
I am simply glad to meet the friends who should have parted.

It is a great point of this work to feel a strange nostalgia because I did not meet one story.

Every story, C part had become a very fun anime.


Exquisite serious

The best thing I can do right now is to make the perfect coexistence between serious and everyday life.

The main part of the story is a farewell to friends and a gradual atmosphere like everyday things.

On the other hand, the existence of “human” which is suggested in the mystery of Cerulean, robot that speaks only to the hero, occasionally.
Such various mysteries and foreshadowing are shown, and a serious atmosphere is fostered from there.
However, it does not become a serious development which puts the mystery on the main by no means.

It is not possible to return to the daily life any longer when becoming serious at once from the daily life like ‘ window Magi ‘.
And if you plunge into a serious, the viewer becomes the eye line to see a serious story at a dash.
Therefore, the shock is thinned also in serious development such as the death of the character.

However, the main is a daily story, and the style of ‘ kemono friends ‘ will not be destroyed to the end while the disturbing atmosphere is drifted in the work now.
I wonder if it is said, “show a serious slip”.
This work is not a mere everyday thing, and while making the insistence, it is very frustrating to never migrate to serious, and feel attractive.


It would wither when the element of seriousness was pushed out too much, but this work was very good how to put out the element of the serious, and “flicker”.

As a result, the “consideration team” appeared, and the topic was called mainly on Twitter etc., and it became a work of the topic up to here.


Successful works are always “Royal Road”

My claim, “Royal Road” development is still an interesting work, and that the only “royal Road” work to remain in the world, this work has been achieved brilliantly.

What the viewer was looking for, and more than that, deliver at an overwhelming degree of perfection.
I feel that it is a creator and a work.

To achieve this, it will have to do the “Royal Road” deployment still.

“Kemono Friends”, the final time is the final time to realize the “Royal Road” exactly.
Even just to see this final, you may say that it is worth watching this work.

It is a must to end the wonderful story.


If I endure the animation of the early

It is a great anime in general, but the first story, whether it is to endure the low-quality scene that does not even mean the punch line of the two stories would be the biggest mountain place.
It is possible to understand the charm and the view of this work if it holds it.

The first is not expected as a “masterpiece”, I recommend to see the feeling like watching the animation dung.

It is a work that can be said that there was charm only to become a topic work of the first semester.


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