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Anime “King of Magic Bullets and Senki” review. One must be cool, it was a masterpiece……

Anime “King of Magic Bullets and Senki” review. One must be cool, it was a masterpiece……



Anime “King of Magic Bullets and Senki” review. One must be cool, it was a masterpiece……


魔弾の王と戦姫 第1巻 [DVD]

Date of presentation October 2014-December 2014
Original Kawaguchi, Takashi
Official HP Http://

Bruenne and Distart.
The Battle of the two great Powers crashed in the form of a swept by Ellen’s head, one of the seven Princess of the kingdom.
Meanwhile, Tigle, a poor aristocrat, fails to Chitro Ellen to help his allies retreat, and becomes her prisoner.


Rating Points: 68 ★ ★☆ ☆ (Shing)


※ Does not include spoilers


It’s a good battle picture scroll, but the character design…

Drawing or rather, from the character design is a world that can not be imagined at all, the story of this work is a pretty hard “taiga”.
If you want to cite a close work, you will answer “Arslan Senki” without questions.


No, seriously.


Anyway, the character design which is made to be disgusted to the number of exposure and the chest of the seal, and the sex appeal scene that was schooled as a promise, and the woman character that is obviously too much, and the original light novel The reason is “commercial” restriction glimpses.

The character design in particular, from the stage of the original novel “I can not draw only in the breast and exposure to female sex appeal” and glimpses of the limit, it is apparent mismatch in the hard charm that this work shoots.
In addition, the more I think that I have never written a man, male characters are mobs.
Although there might be circumstances of the reason for the light novel work, it is terrible.
The painter’s having changed from the original way might have re-applied a good painter in the point which was strong more than the reputation of the novel thought.

In the anime version, it can even be said that the original “vulgar” character design can even be said to be correcting hard.
About a basic costume and the face, even while refining to some extent, I will adhere to the original and the base shape has left.
As for the size of the clothes and the chest, it was good to have put a more Banff National Park correction.


In addition, there is clearly a reason for the women who are too many.

The only women (and Young) in the picture scroll need a reasonable reason to appear at the forefront.
In this work, it is chosen by a special weapon called “Dragon Tool”, and the setting of only a young woman permits the main heroine’s Eleonora to be a general at the forefront.
Moreover, because each of them is drawn to a splendid man as a statesmen and power person, and it is neatly incorporated in the Sakuchu that it strives extra the man, and the training which polishes the talent is neglected, there is no discomfort so much in the story.

Only the rim is the aide of Ellen, because it is a woman knight who does not have a “dragon tool”, somewhat discomfort remains.
The point that the behavior is somewhat near the template might be the cause (the size of the chest) is still strong in the character, and it is understood that Ellen’s aide understands the point that the woman is a suitable person sooner or later.


Anyway, “the convenience of the measure” is all

It is this work, but also more than a big disadvantage of character design, it has become the biggest drawback on the development of the story,

“The convenience of the measure”

The story was too long for me to draw in all thirteen episodes.
At a pace like the recap somehow, the story goes forward.

This dislike is in the second half, in other words, the story will rise in the original part because it becomes apparent one after another, the part that was able to endure the “so-so” in the early stage gradually can not endure.
The story to speak clearly is too long.

It is sure to be interesting of this senki only that the tigle which should be inferior is overturned one after another predicament, and the description is clearly too hasty, and the sense of leaving the viewer is strong.
The tempo was too early to draw on the characters too satisfactorily, “is that it? Who was it now? There will be quite a lot of scenes (although there are many characters in the first place)

In addition, since it is a battle picture scroll of the saga, the battle scene is supposed to be one highlight, but this is “show the battle with pieces like chess” and it goes on and on and on and on.
It might be convenient for the budget and the scale, but it is regrettable.
The uplifting feeling of the moment that the military abbreviation is decided, but it should be the greatest highlight of this work…….


As a river romance, and chasing the synopsis is quite “interesting”.

However, it might be an easy-to-understand expression of this work though it is a somewhat violent expression that it was “a little fulfilling synopsis” when actually drawing.


The original recommendation than animation

It is not boring at all, and it is also true that the early stages can be seen as such.

However, since the middle of the climax should rise is not satisfied with satisfaction, also strong sense of the shoulder.
Honestly, I think it’s more interesting than writing, but it’s more interesting! And the smell is punpun from the deployment, and this animation from the original fan, “It’s basically a failure! Because I think, I put a little harsh impression W

Still, if you think that it was inevitable to challenge this volume in the scale of 13 episodes, I think you are drawing hard.
If it was a 26 story, it would be a pity.


By the way, the original is definitely interesting.
Author Kawaguchi, Yoshiki Tanaka is a writer who likes the fantasy of Senki, so I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes to read novels.

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