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Anime [Stella’s Magic] review! The greatest sin is the trident of the strongest…

Anime [Stella’s Magic] review! The greatest sin is the trident of the strongest…



Anime [Stella’s Magic] review! The greatest sin is the trident of the strongest…


ステラのまほう 第4巻 [Blu-ray]

Date of presentation October 2016-December 2016
Original The
Official HP Http://

The high school student, Tamiteru Honda, was looking for something that he could enthuse.
She who was unfussy in a multi-hobby, and was feeling “it is not trivial” somewhere to me now.
She is invited to the SNS department (the shuttle run part of the Dead Corn sunshine shortage) because she has the hobby which paints a picture in the club introduction.
She was longing to “make a game”, but to join the SNS department as an illustration rep, what she was “only draw a picture of POPs”…….


Evaluation score: 47 points ☆ ☆ ☆ (Kitsch)


※ Does not include spoilers


It is necessary to have the recognition that it is only yuranime.

This work that distinctive character design remains an impression.
The first thing to say is,

Tama-chan!! (‘ Ω ‘)

It is a personal first impression that W
The main character Honda Tamiteru is an attractive design to the fierce, and may have destructive power to kyun many viewers to death (Imifu W)


Well, this work is Tama-chan is this hero, that goes forward toward the yume of making their own game, but there is also a story “youth anime”, but,

“The only Yuranime”

It is necessary to try to assume that it is.
If you expect a story, you’ll get a big retaliation.


The early stages were still good, but…

It is in the point that the early stage is not so bad to inspire the feeling of expectation as “youth animation”.
The story is usually approved though it is not interesting because it is separately.

It might be a point that the appearance of “hero who overcomes the difficulty” is drawn neatly in the sakuchu even if it says.
The hero who has never drawn a picture only to the extent that graffiti of hobbies, struggles to draw a picture with a PC, torture to draw a “picture of the work” to make in a group…….
The “Wall” which the hero challenges, and the “story” overcoming it are neatly in this early stage.


It will not be drawn from the midfield at all.

It is a character of the rival equivalent tentatively, “-chan” and come out, it is to have the expectation that likely to be a passionate development, but unfortunately not quite warm.
Rather, even if the rival comes out, “setback” is not brought to the hero is meaningless.
A rival must be a wall, and by doing friendly competition with each other, emotions move.
It is a rival because it grows up mutually in the 憂悶 agony, and it becomes “strong enemy” finally.

The relationship with the rivals depicted in this work is “to be with each other”.
Tentatively, I show the pretend the hero is depressed, but to say the only “fu”.
There is no uplifting feeling as the story aside from the point that it is defiantly lovely.

The reason why it becomes such a result is “The valley is shallow, and the mountain is low”.
There is no wall that Tamama felt with his rival at all.
The main cause of this work was not interested in drawing a rival (just drawn as an additional Moe characters).

Because there is no ups and downs of the episode, the empathy of this new character “-chan” does not rise naturally.
Even if the episode of-Chan starts in such a situation, it does not rise at all.
It has helped to the feeling of stalling from midfield to the end.


Sub-character is boring

If you let me say what you want, the character is boring.

Especially, the character of the senior is a lot of turn, it is the existence that should become an important key in the comedy part, “Agony in the past painful own work” because there is only enough neta, and quite hard to say clearly.
The scenario does not come out at the time when you are in agony (i.e. early), it becomes a pretty tough character from the middle of the above Neta ONLY.
For instance, it might have been different still if there was such a development power as developing from the event in front of eyes to an untidy manner delusion like childhood friend’s.

I don’t think Mr. Dean is a bad character, but he has poor gag elements.
Even though there are elements that suffer from human relations, it is not so deep in the episode that it is also thin as a story factor.
When I get back at an important event, it’s just too messed up.

And I think that it is a character that no change even if you are not a senior Fujikawa
There was no presence at all…….


The biggest problem is that you’re crushing the “uri” of the setting

The biggest sin of this work is that the story is not taking advantage of the setting that is too attractive.

It is only one point that this work distinguishes the other Bonbondo story.

“The main character can only draw a picture of a shiv pops.”

It is in a strong setting.
This is the trident of this film that is not seen in any other work.
Because this trident is there, I saw this work, and I think that there was enough possibility that this work was able to be made a good barrel as long as it was possible to command this Trident.


However, this setting does not come alive at all in the story.

Certainly in the beginning of the story, there is a scene where the artist is drawing a picture while thinking, “If you can draw a Shiv-sama…”. That’s why it was so interesting at the beginning.
However, it does not put it in the episode.
Although it is touched with lightly, there is no episode in particular, and a normal picture? It becomes to be able to draw, and it is a good place anticlimactic from the person who sees.


And at the same time, the suspicion that it is good to overcome this “weak point” is not exhausted.

When this “weak point” is lost, there is no thing called the URI in this work at all.
By the time you overcome this weak point, it is not as long as you have clearly clarified the charm of this work in a strong episode and character, but because it is not made, it has become to be able to draw a normal picture, the story ” The one like the pot is lost.
Perhaps, in the latter half of the story, I felt that the charm of this work was lost at once, because the special setting that this work boasts of “the hero can draw only the picture of the uncle” was lost.


So, I should have made a game only uncle Shiv,“Yes. It was good to make a game of only uncle, “ I think desperately.
It increases the presence as a Iro mono circle in this, and Tama-chan will continue to increase the voice of Uncle Painter…… That would be a success story. No kidding.
Easily pandering to the masses, because I jumped into the red ocean to throw away the pros, this work also SNS department, I would not be success.
Tama-Chan has gained the voice of uncle as a painter…… Still, I could not abandon the craving for the women’s world, and the usual picture (? I hope to draw.
It would not be too late at that stage to throw away the settings.


Adhere to the story halfway through the results…

This is the result of capturing this work as a “story”.

The point of the evaluation might also change when seeing this as “yuranime which draws the ordinary daily life rhythmically”.
However, the weakness of an honest character pulls the foot even if it sees as yuruanime.
There is only one foot in the story, and the tempo is never said to be good, and it will end in the halfway workmanship.


The drawing is good.
The character design is excellent, and the atmosphere and the possibility of the original are certainly feelings.

However, it was this work that I felt that it was an animation without any merit besides “picture”.


However, even so, Tama-chan seems pretty…… (‘ Ω ‘)


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