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April 7 (Sun) Maid Cafe “Suitespualesipi” first infiltration of Akihabara…

April 7 (Sun) Maid Cafe “Suitespualesipi” first infiltration of Akihabara…

Good evening, everyone. Today, I came to Akihabara from noon, and went to the Aqua Princess , a cat-eared Maid Shop , and Sietspueresipi .

It was Buri six months since last October when I entered the Sietspueresipi .
It is not the first entry shop as usual in this second time, but since I did not write the article of the first entry shop of the last time, I have to [first infiltration series] .
The only time I had to leave this period, especially because I want to squeeze the shop to go without reason, the Sietspueresipi is also delicious cuisine with a beautiful uniform cast is full of individuality, I thought it would be a shop you want to go. I refrained from going to the decision that it is economically difficult to continue attending with the Aqua Princess who had gone up to it.
What surprised me when I entered the shop was that Mr. Cast from last year remembered me.
I was glad that I had not forgotten even though it had been a while.
In Sietspueresipi , the following events were heldon April 6 to 7 , and Mr. Cast was serving in a suit.
The following information is borrowed from the official account of Sietspueresipi .
I’d like to introduce Sietspueresipi , but I didn’t see the menu in detail.
I’ll write to the extent that I understand easily.
It is a charge system of 600 yen per hour and a one-hour drink-link system .
Business hours are as follows.
Weekdays: 17:00-23:00
Fri, Sat, day before holidays: 12:00-next day 5:00 a.m.
* Business hours may vary depending on the time of year, so please look at the reference only.
The menu features a variety of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, and the food is delicious.
The rules of the shop, like the other Concafé in Akihabara, do not touch the maid, do not rant, do not act as a nuisance to other customers, shooting in the store in the range that does not enter the other customers and cast (maid) there are various.
For details, please check with the maid.
Well, because the rookie Mr. Rei who sat at the table seat took the guide and the order, I ordered the original cocktail with the bromide of Rei .
Rei was a beautiful woman who looked good in style and the black hair resembled well, and the tension seemed to rise if it entered my work place.
The waiter told me that it is difficult because there are a lot of worries and things to remember in the sixth time. I gave advice from the maids I have ever seen and the stories I heard from the maids, such as the calm and the waiter.
Rei was a person who could also listen to and communicate with her.
Rei showed a willingness to work hard to become a nice maid like the maid marin of her senior.
Mr. Marin , the shop of the previous, but I know from the time of the shop before even more important to the customer, because the person who is polite and gentle advice and guidance to the maid of the junior, Marin is I thought that I could grow if I received guidance.
I wanted to take a picture of the store, but there were a lot of customers and cast, so I just took the stage.
The inside of the shop is very impressive with cute interior image of the country of sweets .
I don’t think there are any elaborate shops in Akihabara .
Mogu, the rookie came to greet me. I seem to have become the maid who admired a beautiful maid Mr. To see a beautiful maid’s in the video when I was a junior high school student to ask the reason why I became a maid to Mr. Mogu .
The impression before entering the Maid café (including the Con Café) is that the maid’s only a girl, so I was thinking whether it was a nasty relationship that Batty, Sietspueresipi When I entered, the staff of the shop and seniors told me that it was nice and different from what I expected.
Now I’m happy to serve you and I was impressed that you talked with me with a smile.
Mr. Mogu also spoke to me with a smile and a lot of talk because it was easy to talk with a maid who felt very calm. (^ ◇ ^;)
I ordered an original cocktail with Mogu ‘s bromide and was asked to draw a drawing.
I was allowed to follow the Twitter account of Mr. Mogu , Mogu-san is because I have uploaded a selfie image on Twitter, but I wanted to hide the face too good.
I suggested that the person who wants to go to meet when such a beautiful maid’s up a wonderful smile increases the selfie more Mogu .

Sietspueresipi , the regulars and new customers came to visit and became lively even around 18:00 in the evening.

The maid’s serving in the suit appearance was not a few customers who had been ordered and taken the cheki of the maid’s and two shots in commemoration because it is not seen easily.
I also regret that I should have taken a two-shot Cheki to Rei and Mogu -san.
This time, I stayed for about an hour and a half because I had the following schedule in an unexpected action, but the maids waved with a smile and saw me off.
I would like to see the maid clothes of rei and Mogu .
I wanted to talk with other cast members, but I didn’t have time to do so.
I want to put it up when I upload the article of the next time.
When you come to Akihabara, please visit Sietspueresipi and have a good time.

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