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Ara Shrine (worship on November 3, 2017)

Ara Shrine (worship on November 3, 2017)

Two nights from today to Shodoshima Island.

The portrait of my grandma is called Unkai-ji.
The photograph taken in front of the temple of the pilgrimage fusati of Shodoshima is decorated.

I wanted to visit the shrine long ago,
This time, it is a long-awaited visit to Shodoshima Island. (^ ^

Because there are a lot of mountain temples unexpectedly widely, Shodoshima Island
You can also take your own car by ferry without renting a car.

[Hanshin Expressway]

We boarded a jumbo ferry from Kobe Sannomiya ferry terminal.

It is a voyage of about three hours and twenty minutes.

[Akashi Kaikyo Bridge]

I arrived at Akashi Kaikyo Bridge about one hour after I left.

It is unreal to build such a thing.

【 Shodoshima 】

Soon we arrived at Satsunan port.

Expectation rises.

From Sakase Port to Shodoshima 88 places in the vicinity of the sacred sites,
1 to 4, 7 to 9, and 3 in the back of the hospital.

It is the most important S rank in the sacred sites,
No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 Oku-in-in-hospital Junzan.

The nearest one from Sakago Port is the third Kannon temple.

When it is near the temple, only local residents pass,
It is a very narrow road and becomes uneasy.

There was a free parking lot in the place which went up a little on the Kannon.

The location is very good. (^ ^

[Company’s Flora]

Because there was a shrine on the parking lot of Kanonji, it is a visit ahead.

Address: Sakashiko, Shodoshima-machi, Shodoshima, Kagawa
Enshrined: Xers Arami
Founded: Unknown
Venerable: Unknown


Front Shrine


Main shrine


[Precincts Company]

Stone Pillar

It seems to be a shrine that has a considerable history when this is seen.

However, has the person lived in Shodoshima for such a while?

There is no red seal in the shrine rooted in the local.<!–


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