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Atago Shrine (October 1, 2017)

Atago Shrine (October 1, 2017)

Atago Shrine is enshrined a few minutes on foot from Sensen-ji temple.

I did not know at all when the visit,
This Atago shrine is the Motomiya of Atago Shrine in Mt. Atago.

It seems to be certain that it was ritual minutes from Atago shrine to visit this time,
It is said that it is called the total Hongu of Atago shrine which is also known as the former Atago.

Address: Norolo 1, Kokubu, Chitose-machi, Kameoka, Kyoto
Enshrined: the Sacred god of the fire, the evil and the great Lord
Founded: (biography) the Year of the Emperor (507)
Corporate Rating: In-company, Murusha



You can stop the car by going to the left hand of this torii from the Yosen temple.



It is a great atmosphere.

This place is great value to visit.

【 Sacred Tree 】

It is a tree called the Inumaki.

【 Mai-Dono 】

It is a type of Mai-dono (front shrine) that is common in shrines in Shiga Prefecture.


Main shrine

It seems that the currency was erected a few years ago.

[Precincts Company]

【 Sacred Tree 】

This is a big tree of cedar.

【 Pump Hangar 】

There is only a shrine that is revered as a flame
Someone had been dedicating an old pump.

【 Takifield 】

[Precincts Company]

This was the atmosphere that made me feel a different ancient religion.



This may be the torii of the table.

The Red seal was not only absent.

If you have a declared, please call us here.
It was written on paper.<!–


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