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B-Class still high profile! Nakayama’s Hinamatsuri “& B-Class gourmet” Japan’s best fried chicken with a specialty store vs. Bolium “A famous shop of peach grilled

B-Class still high profile! Nakayama’s Hinamatsuri “& B-Class gourmet” in Japan “, fried chicken with a specialty shop vs. Bolium @ Ichikawa Nakayama

To begin with…
I took up the “suddenly dumpling” of Kumamoto at Kenmin Show…
If you want to taste a similar feeling,
I wonder if “Koi” is good for the sweets of Saitama Kawagoe…

The same “sweet potato + Anko” but it may feel different from the texture Choi but the combination of this is delicious in Kore, I wonder if it is worth a try… (^^)

Now, the real issue!!

Three years ago, the local cuisine that I ate at the Makabe Hinamatsuri & at the previous blog
Last year I wrote about the local B-Class gourmet, Tsuchiura Zeppelincale & Tsuchiura Hinamatsuri.

Where do you write Hinamatsuri this year??
Let’s go to the Hina Festival of Katsuura after a long time??

… I thought, but this month is not able to take a long holiday (T-T)
One-day trip of 60km & more than 2 hours is not possible…

… So this year, I’m in a familiar place from my nest.
I decided to go to the hinamatsuri of Nakayama in Ichikawa City.

This is an event that started several years ago and is still in high profile class B…
This year is held from the middle of February to the fourth of March.

If JR Shimosa Nakayama, exit at Nakayama if Keisei,
From the approach to Nakayama Lotus Sutra-ji temple in the temple
A variety of hina dolls are being decorated.


There are three major attractions in the first place.

First, when you walk towards the temple, you will find a place called Seika Garden on the right


The expressive Hina dolls welcomes customers.


Then turn left at the gate and within 200 metres.
Awa Shrine


The Hina dolls that is displayed in the company is a masterpiece.


And, it enters the site of the Lotus Sutra Temple and it is at the back.


Hina dolls is lined up in the hallway here.


This was a B-Class gourmet blog. (^^)
Let’s touch some of the essential gourmet food.

There are two places to break the approach
One of them is the old-fashioned shop.
I’ve written this before, but it’s re-posted…


Nakayama Specialties boiled taro (steamed??) ” A thing called “Kikinagi”
And Oden here is a popular menu from the old days

Other than sushi and soba noodles,
The menu is simple and nostalgic.


But this is not the shop’s aim!!
Noda that came to get the two items that were lost before (* ‘ Д ́) No!

Leaving the gate and going down to the station,
Fried chicken and ya on the right
Yakitori ya’s on your left.

First of all, the fried chicken shop.

It was taken up by the TV, and it suddenly became famous…
The famous shop da that became the gold medal in the fried Chicken Grand Prix!


The fried chicken of the soy sauce taste
Approximately 700 yen in 6-ko is expensive

The can eat is freshly fried when I order it.
I was going to take it home and eat it.
The knob is eaten one at a time on the spot
The taste is stained to the inside, and it is considerably juicy ~


Because the circumference is starch, the crispy feeling is unbearable.

And one more product…
A butcher just around the corner from the fried chicken shop.


There is a yakitori, and a delicious smell drifts around (^ q ^)
It seems to be a famous grilled pork.
What I was keeping an eye on was
Roasted chicken with land poultry…

It is 480 yen per bottle, but I have to buy one at a time!!
It was left in a lonely wallet of the payday days ago,
What little allowance did you buy (-_-;)


It’s quite a big Д.
The skin is delicious of course, but the body is also pretty!!
The taste has been condensed!!

Fried Chicken vs Roasted
Which one do you prefer?
I like both da!! (^^)

I took it back to my house, and half ate it with Yabinu.
“Cannibalism” This much chicken,
The stomach is really lean….

There are also some other things to see at Nakayama Lotus Sutra-ji Temple.

First, the statue of Buddha in restoration repair.
It is counted in one of the East Kunizo great Buddha.
It’s a precious big Buddha built in the Edo period.
It’s not really a major–_-;)


It took almost two years to repair it, but it finally appeared.
It looks like some of your faces are beautiful…


The pagoda is also a heavy sentence.
I’m getting tired of fading away,
Now this is the subject of repair??


This main hall is a heavy sentence, too.
The restoration took more than ten years from the end of the Showa period.
It was difficult to repair, so it took a lot of trouble…

By the way, the Hinamatsuri of Nakayama is until March 4.
The Cherry blossoms are beautiful in April.


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