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Bear Cat

Bear Cat


I went to the popular Chinese restaurant “Bear cat” crowded with regular-san ◎

I write a bear cat and read it as “Panda”!



The place of the shop is North 24 article East 1 Street.

There is a parking space behind the store!


Let’s go in!



Chinese restaurant in the town! In the shop.

It was from the counter seat to the small rise seat ◎


I visited the store immediately after the opening, and after this, customers are in succession!

Moreover, there were a lot of people who seemed to be regulars ◎

It is a popular shop!


Here is the menu.



The classic Chinese menu is railways!

Besides this, there were a lot of special specials on the blackboard.


And, I choose here from the menu of the blackboard!


Stir-fry chicken and green peppers (700 yen + set ramen 290 yen)


Wow! I am glad to have a lot of small plates!

Then, I will take you immediately!



The main one is the Chinjaorosu chicken ver.

There is plenty of chicken, but I am glad that there are plenty of vegetables such as mushrooms and onions ◎

I proceeds the rice with just good seasoning ♪



I am glad to come with the fried chicken and shumai!

It is an important position to become an accent on the way to eat ◎



Let’s get the ramen you put in the set!



It is a plain delicious ramen that does not betray expectation ◎

It was a soup that felt a slight sweetness ♪



It was a delicious Chinese restaurant of the street that I expected!

I can understand the feeling that I pass if it is near the house!


Also with the line.



Bear Cat
● Address
1-4-1, Kita 24, Higashi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Business Hours

11:00 ~ 15:00

17:00 ~ 22:00
Saturday, Sunday, holiday
11:00 ~ 15:00

17:00 ~ 21:00
● Telephone
● Regular holiday

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