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Beauty Well Shrine (worship on November 3, 2017)

Beauty Well Shrine (worship on November 3, 2017)

Walk down the road from the Second Temple
I decided to go back to the third house in the car.

Number one, the Second Temple was a great place.

Because there was a ladder in the middle of a strange road,
When I was going, I was worried.

This is a thing that you can use this ladder already.

They pinch a ladder to go ahead

There are some shady caves, ladders and chains.

It’s exciting.
This is no more than going up. Lol

The chain is more slippery than I thought.

We arrived here carefully and slowly climbed up to the cave. (^ ^

Zao Gonen was enshrined.

I thought I should try to enter in.
It was stopped because it Shireru to enter a sacred place. (^ ^;

We were also entertained here.

Now, I will run the cruel Road again to head to the Temple of the eighth place.

And troublesome to think of running that cruel Road again,
There is no way to go home if you do not run here. (^ ^;

Well, because I knew that the oncoming car hardly came,
That point was reassuring.

It was relieved in the place where it ran to a wide area agricultural road below or the road is mistaken.

Then, the shrine of the Shinmei building was discovered.

At this time, I did not know that it was a terrible shrine.

Address: 765 Sakachi, Shodoshima, Shodoshima, Kagawa
The Divine Body: anger from the bottom
Founded: 2014



It seems to be a small shrine.

There is no private car park,
The car parked in front of here.

Front Shrine

There is something ridiculous in the beast. Lol

[God’s body]

What is this?

What the hell!!

This is the Setouchi International Art Festival 2016,
It seems to be a work of anger from the bottom.
What the Takeshi of that world co-produced.

After this, local people build a Shinmei shrine,
The beauty well Shrine was built as a body that sacred this beast.

Wow, what’s so good about this? Wry smile


It was a strange and interesting shrine to the world.

There is no natural seal.

By the way, the place was just above the third Temple of Kannon and the rough shrine.

In addition, the third Oku-no-in is near when advancing from the beauty well shrine.
Don’t waste a detour like me. (^ ^<!–


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