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Dainichi-ji Temple (Henshoin, April 17, 2016)

Dainichi-ji Temple (Henshoin, April 17, 2016)

The next temple to follow is the Dainichi Temple of the fourth sacred sites.

It is close to number 5, so we arrived quickly by bus.

Pilgrimage is close to where the temple is solidified,
Distant places are far from hopeless.

The pilgrimage of Kochi Prefecture is infinitely far for me. (^ ^;

I admire the Shimanto River.

Address: 5 Kurotani, Itano-machi, Itano-gun, Tokushima
Sect: Toji Shingon sect
Principal Image: Daihinai
Founded: (DEN) Hirohito 6 years (815)
Kaiki: (DEN) Hiroshidaishi
Fusistation: Shikoku 88 Places Sacred Sites

When Kobo Daishi stayed in this place for a long time and was training, he was able to feel the great Sun Buddha.

The Daishi is carved a large-day Buddha statue of about 55 centimeters by three Rei of one sword.
It is told that this was built as a principal image, and the terissue was named Dainichiji in honor of principal image.

In addition, the mountain issue of “Kuroyan Mountain” is divided into three sides of the temple grounds,
It is said that this land which is secluded was called Kurotani origin,
It is said that it was called Kurotani-ji in the hometown.

According to the of hosts Shiloh sacred sites of the four countries, the tower is lined with splendid
The precincts which had entered from a beautiful, majestic small gate were spacious.

But the years passed and the Cathedral of the hotel was weathered,
In the year (1394-1428), a person named Matsuhoshi had a mandate of dreams
It is written that it has been repaired.

Cathedral has been re-revived in the devastated Tenwa, Sadamae year (1681-1688).
In addition, the AWA Lord and the Hachisuka family have been deity for generations to come.
Especially, the devotion of the Lord and the rectangular of the fifth generation is hot, and from Genroku to the Treasure calendar year (1751-1664),
The large repair of the temple tower is obliged with a generous protection.


It is a temple seen from a free parking lot.

It is a very long-winded place. (^ ^

【 Shiba Sakura 】


Temple Gate

It is a bell tower gate.

There are a lot of pilgrimage here, too.


The temple itself is not so big.

Main Hall

First, I pray at the main hall.

There were some Chinese pilgrimage.

Clothes are not ordinary dressed like us,
It was a real faction.

Heart Sutra of course (? It was Chinese. (^ ^


After visiting the main hall, this corridor leads to Daishido.

The wooden sacred sites of the west-country 33 Kannon
Was being enshrined.

It was a very good kannon people.


Mixed blessing or mixed blessing.


I wonder if it was built in recent years.



[Red Seal]

Now, the next day will be the last visit.<!–


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