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Drives shrine and Inaba Shrine (worship on October 9, 2017)

Drives shrine and Inaba Shrine (worship on October 9, 2017)

I arrived at one station Yodo station by Keihan train from Ishishimizu Hachiman Shrine.

It is gomala not to go to the Kyoto Race Course as it is.

It is a worship if there is a shrine nearby naturally.

[Old map]

As the name suggests, the Yodo station neighborhood
The land where Toyotomi Hideyoshi was built as the birth place of the side room Yodo.

Motokazu 9 (1623) The Pine Flat plate is built in the current position,
After the Meiji Restoration, Mr. Inaba, who entered the Edo period, was Lord.

Now, it becomes the Yodo Castle Ruins Park, and the drives shrine is enshrined in that.

I read “drives” and write it,
I think most people can’t read it. (^ ^;

The visit begins.

Location: 167 Yodo-Honmachi, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Enshrined: Toyotama Hime life, high Emperor of the Holy Spirit, the life of Akitsu
Founded: Ohwa (961-964)
Corporate Rating: In-company, Gosha



It’s a 5 minute walk from the station.

Parking is available at a paid parking area next to the hotel.

Big Ginkgoes

[Mikoshi Depot]

At the Autumn Festival in November every year, the Mikoshi is held
It seems that the mikoshi of three groups is stored in the Mikoshi depot.

Front Shrine

It is Mai-dono even if it sees.
The beautiful roof is impressive.

Keicho 12 Years (1607) the reconstructed one of Toyotomi Hideyori is a heavy sentence.


Main shrine

The main shrine which was a heavy sentence was burnt by the fireworks of the children in the neighborhood
The present shrine was rebuilt in 1980.

Wow, fireworks such a tragedy happens.

[High lantern]

[Inaba Shrine]

Front Shrine

Main shrine

If you look at the HP of drives shrine, there is no description of Inaba shrine.

I wonder if it does not matter.

[God’s Heart stone]

[Gangi Karato]

【 Inari-sha 】

Main shrine

【 Yodo Castle Monument 】

The hall and the back are maintained as a park.

[Emperor Meiji 蹕-no-chi monument]

In March, Emperor Meiji in Osaka,
It was a night at the Yodo Castle.

[Long Hime Sha, Kawakami sha, Toyomaru Sha]

This is the end of the shrine worship.

In preparation for the festival, in October and November is not in the Red seal correspondence,
There is no memo.<!–


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