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Empukuji Temple Buddha (Worship on March 11, 2018)

Empukuji Temple Buddha (Worship on March 11, 2018)

To Empukuji Temple, which became the lodging of the Kishu clan during the round negotiation.

We went up a little slope and arrived.

There is a temple within a few minutes ‘ walk from Fukutemple.

Address: 10 Tomonoura Tomonoura-cho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima
Sect: Shingon sect Daikaku-ji Sect
Principal Image: Daihinai
Founded: Keicho 15 (1610)
Founder: Unknown
Fukoji: Tomonoura

The beginning of the Enpuku temple dates back to the Muromachi period, and the Enpuku temple at that time was Shakado
The current swamp name was located in the south of the shrine, east of Komatsu Temple.

Enpuku-ji Temple, Keicho 15 years (1610),
After moving to the site of the Great Island Castle by the pleasant sound of the priest.

It has a scenic view of the beautiful Setouchi Islands and the Sanuki Mountains of Shikoku,
In the Edo period, the good location of the superiors when the use of Korean communication came to Japan.

Signboard Yamagoku (1711) of Korean communication use of the transcription officer and Flower Hoan
It is the one that the mountain of a large book Enpuku temple was made a piece of wood signboard.

The color of the Edo period was used as lodgings of Kishu clan in the negotiation of the round sinking incident.


The temple gate was not suddenly entered the precincts.

It is a dull precinct where there is only one unfriendly cat.

It is very uncomfortable.

From a distance, there was a large main hall.
It was a pretty good feeling.

Main Hall

It was closed as a matter of course.

Reconstructed in the year of Kanbun (1661-1673).

The straddle Ming Tower in the back of the main hall that I knew later,
It seems to put it if I pay the admission 200 yen.

Because the main hall should be able to visit, too,
That’s a pity.


Particulars unknown.

[Basho clause revived]

The question is the spring of the URA.

Stone Buddha

[Treasure 亮h Mark Tower]


【 Stone Shrine 】

Stone Buddha

[Castle Island]


The scenery seen from here was quite good.


At the bottom of the stone steps as soon as you leave the temple,
There was a torii for some reason.

There is a red seal,
I did not even press the ping-pong.

This temple is too dull for the grounds.

I want you to do something a little more.

The main hall and straddle Ming Tower are not reserved in advance.
I think that the impression changes a little if it becomes possible to visit at any time.<!–


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