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Ichito-in Temple (April 17, 2016)

Ichito-in Temple (April 17, 2016)

Today is a pilgrimage day trip with a parent request.

In the bus tour of Hankyu Transportation, from number 1 to No. 6
The first time is 2980 yen Popkiri. (^ ^

Moreover, it is with such a bento. Lol

The same is the same for most travel agencies,
The first and the second is the same as the ground-bait of fishing. Lol

I participated in Hankyu Transportation company for the first time about six years ago,
I did not go after the third. Wry smile

I went to a temple or some temples in person
I need time and money to do my work.

Well, because I think that it is good if I can pilgrimage it for about ten years,
I want to go at my pace without rushing. (^ ^

Address: 126 Higashizuka-cho, Ganmachi, Naruto city, Tokushima
Sect: Shingon Sect Koyasan
Principal Image: Buddha
Founded: (DEN) Tenpei Annual (729-749)
Kaiki: (DEN) row Group,
Imperial decree: Emperor St. Takeshi
Nakaoki: Seiho Year (1644-1648)
Fusistation: Shikoku 88 Places Sacred Sites

Hirohito 6 years (815) when Hirojidaishi was a cruiser from the northeast of Shikoku to the right circumference,
In this land, we purify the sentient beings’s 88 disturbing emotions and diemaking sentient beings and his own calamity,
It was a 37-day sacred sites to open a mental and physical remedy.

At that time, a lot of monks surrounded the maester who preached Buddhism
Inspired to listen intently.

Daishi feels that the spectacle resembles the scene that the Buddha was preaching on the spirit Wayama of India,
It was named Zhu Wazan and Reizan temple in the meaning of transferring the India sacred mountain to the slams.

The Buddha was born Buddha and was placed in front of the principal image.
It is said that it was made to pray for the establishment and the fulfillment of sacred sites in Shikoku 88.

Old Times was one of AWA three Daibo and boasted a solemn cathedral.
But Tensho 10 years (1582) Chosokabe Motochika was burned down by a former parent’s fire.
After that, it was finally revived by the AWA Lord Hachisuka Mitsutaka,
In 1891, the main hall and the tower were destroyed by fire.

Since then, it has become the figure of old times in an effort of 100 years.


First of all, we arrived at the temple of the spirit, and are guided to the exclusive sales office.

Buy a lot of goods here.
It is a scheme that the margin enters the travel company.

Because there is a diagram, it is cheaper.

I looked at the spring maple in the garden without buying it, but
I bought it because the writer of 100 yen was cut. Lol

Temple Gate

We went through the entrance gate to the gate.

There are a lot of pilgrimage.


The precincts of the Temple of the pilgrimage are often a simple atmosphere,
There is a carp in the pond and there is a gorgeous atmosphere here.


The year (1394-1428) is erected, and five Chi-Buddha are enshrined.

[Training Daishi]


For the convenience of the time of the sermon, I pray for Daishido first.

Heart Sutra with the participants and guide.

It was six years before the Buddhist ritual. (^ ^;

【 Belfry 】

The garden of the Meiji era

Stone Buddha was enshrined in the pond.

Main Hall

There is a main hall in the back.

When it was a group, the Dharma Story of the nun was able to be heard in the inner circle. (^ ^

In the privy, the principal image of the secret Buddha was enshrined in the zushi of the big eyes.

Pilgrimage, unlike Kyoto and Nara, enjoying Buddha statues
It is good to say that there is little.

[Thirteen Buddhist temple]


[Sanko Pine]

[Red Seal]

In the case of a bus tour, the Red Seal is dedicated to the group and the tour attendant will act as a proxy.

I’d like to have a red seal on my own,
Because there is no time like that, there is no way.

The agency fee is free, so I don’t have any pain in my pocket.<!–


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