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Infinite Juin Temple (April 17, 2016)

Infinite Juin Temple (April 17, 2016)

After the first visit, we went to the Second Temple of Paradise.

It was so close that I got on the bus and arrived at once. (^ ^

Location: 12, Cypress Aza, Gancho, Naruto city, Tokushima Prefecture
Sect: Shingon Sect Koyasan
Principal Image: Amida-Nyorai
Founded: (Den) Hirohito year (810-824)
Kaiki: (DEN) Yujiki Bodhisattva
Temple: Sacred Sites, Awa kitamine Yakushi sacred Sites, Awa Nishikunito 33 Kannon Sacred Sites

The 42-year-old Hiroshidaishi recited the 3 7-day Amida Sutra in this area.
Amida Buddha appeared on the day of the application.
The figure was carved and principal image.

This Amida Buddha statue is said to have reached the far off of Naruto in the distant light of the beautiful dignity.

The fishermen build an artificial mound in front of the main hall when it interferes with the fishing
From the story that block the light, it was a number of Sunshine Mountain.

Chosokabe Motochika to Tensho years (1573-1592) and then burned down by former parent’s military fire,
Manji 2 years (1659) The main hall is rebuilt by the help of Hachisuka Mitsutaka.


The one that was erected in 1973.

There is a large free parking lot in front of the Deva.


[Statue of Niwang]


[The Pure Land of the Sea of clouds]

It was a splendid garden.

Main Hall

The main hall is on the stone steps.

The principal image of the heavy sentences are enshrined,
It is not possible to worship the face of course.

【 Easy Delivery Daishi 】


All participants Heart Sutra in the main hall and the Daishido.

The heart seems to be washed. (^ ^

【 Ichido-Mizu-Kake Fudo 】


AWA Kitamine Yakushi Twenty-four a place in sacred sites.

【 Belfry 】

The one that was erected in 1973.

【 Long-lived Cedar 】

It is said that it is a cedar of the planting of Hirohodaishi
It is more than a thousand years old.

[Red Seal]


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