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It is not promotion at all in the card promotion anime!? “Selector Infected WIXOSS” review

It is not promotion at all in the card promotion anime!? “Selector Infected WIXOSS” review



It is not promotion at all in the card promotion anime!? “Selector Infected WIXOSS” review


「selector infected WIXOSS」BD-BOX<初回仕様版> [Blu-ray]


Date of presentation Apr.-Jun. 2014
Original LRIG (Warner Entertainment Japan, Takara Tomy, J.C.STAFF joint name of three companies. )
Official site No only works now ( Anime official Twitter account)

The popular card game in the middle of high school students in the streets [WIXOSS (Wycross)]
The junior high school student who was not able to make friends easily and Kominato will get a WIXOSS starter deck as a present from his brother.
Then, the character in the card started to move and began to talk.
At a later date, we are informed that we have been chosen as “selectors” from the YuYu Moon, a synchronous student with a card that talks the same way.
The selectors all have their own “wish” and they are waging a card battle.
Because it is said that if you continue to win the battle between selectors, your “wish” will come true.

Hope, desire, desire. The girls are swallowed up in the whirlpool of a dangerous game with each desire in their hearts.


Rating Points: 73 ★ ★ ★ ☆ (Honorable mention)


* Spoilers are not included.


The main axis is “human drama” card anime

It is produced at the same time as the product development of this anime, the trading card game [WIXOSS] released Takara Tomy, and has one side as a promotional animation.


But this anime is ignoring the side as the marketing anime.

The rules of the card game are not explained in the battle, and the battle description is somehow advantageous.

If you are usually told what you are doing in the time to explain the rules and description of the battle, this anime is focused on the human drama of the characters thoroughly.


The protagonists are called “selectors”, unlike other “WIXOSS” players, and they are chosen.
Their goal is not to win the world championship.
Continue to win the battle, “Infinite Girl” and fight to fulfill your wishes.

This anime is going to be a completely inverse vector though it seems to be able to draw it as a still fancy card animation.

As the story progresses, the settings that will make the story darker and heavier will be added.

For example, it is a setting that the wish appears to be a form of “minus” when losing three times.
If the child who has the wish to become good at the piano is loses, it becomes not able to play the piano, and a big risk arises in the thing of the battle.

On the other hand, the hero’s wish is “nothing.”
However, the hero thinks that it is “fun” to battle with each other selector.
In this anime, it becomes different in this animation although it is usual as a character of the hero if it is an ordinary card animation.

Even if you know in your head that your opponent will be unhappy, you will enjoy the battle.
The person in question does not fight by reason, but the situation around and his instincts do not permit it.
It becomes the flow which ends up in the battle after all, makes others unhappy, and is self-hating.


The struggles of these protagonists, the friends who try to fight even if the risk is determined, the people around you become unhappy by the battle.

It is very good to take it to these commonly called “the muddy development”.
I specialty to write a muddy development is only a series composition and main screenplay.

And timing out of the new setting, also good deployment, pull at the end of each story is very strong.
If you start looking at it easily, you will not stop watching and will have a big impact on the next day.


Too much to save the depiction of the card battle anything

I know that this anime is a drama of girls.
So if you delve deeper into the rules and description of the card battle, you can see the circumstances of the production side that the length is lost.


But no matter how much you omit the battle description.

The impatience of the characters and the uplifting feeling are not transmitted at all.
The work itself has a charm in the accents of the deployment, but because there is no entertainment in the battle scene, the climax is not born.

In addition, the disadvantage that it is difficult to emotionally populate the character is also born.
A lot of people should be able to sympathize with the feeling that the hero’s “battle is Fun”.
When everyone was small, they should remember the same kind of pleasure in card games and game play.

Therefore, if the content of the battle is drawn more concretely, it is sure to be able to sympathize with the conflict of the hero who feels “enjoyment” which cannot be felt if it is possible to draw happily, and put more into the story.


The charm of this work might have gone up with Guntsu because it is good even in an unreasonable development like “Yu-Gi-Oh King”, and the battle development which rises, and light rule explanation.


THE Split 2 The cool ending

After the animation is over, the two cool eyes have been started with the name “selector spread WIXOSS” for one cool period. This kind of division 2 is a cool anime, but it is still a terrific of work now.

It can be said that the problem presented in almost the story has not been solved.
The viewer at that time might not be related because it will be seen for two periods at a dash, and the person who sees from now is the end how it thinks that it moyamoya considerably.
There is a slight feeling that it is possible to end in such a state.

Well split 2 to cool because it looks like it had been announced from the beginning, but I think there is no way to worry too much here.

I really wanted to do a cool summary of the two reviews, but I made a separate review because the name of the work is different.
(2 cool Eye reviews)

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