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It is very regrettable to feel the sense of vision is a work anime [Yuki Yuna is a hero] review

It is very regrettable to feel the sense of vision is a work anime [Yuki Yuna is a hero] review



It is very regrettable to feel the sense of vision is a work anime [Yuki Yuna is a hero] review


Broadcast time Oct.-Dec. 2014
Original Without
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Yuki Yuna is a second-grade junior high school student attending Sanshu Junior High. In the “Hero Club” of the club which I belong to, I was working on various activities every day to help people with four members.
However, such a peaceful daily life tells the end with the alarm suddenly emitted from the terminal.
In the Barrier “Tree Sea” created by God, the friends who heard the crisis that approached the truth and the God Tree of the brave part establishment from the wind confront the unknown enemy Bartex as the hero of the God tree and to protect the human race.


Evaluation score: 72 POINTS ★ ★ ★ ☆ (Honorable mention)


Excellent introduction, character depiction. But deja vu…

At the beginning of the first episode, a peaceful appearance of four girls who are active in club activities called the brave part is depicted.
Everyday depiction of pretty girls, but it’s up to A part.

When entering B part, the true purpose of the hero part, their mission is revealed.
It is to defeat the unknown enemy “Burtex” as a hero to protect mankind.


The battle with this vertex is done in a fantastic different space.
And the design of the Bartex itself is a pretty unique design, unlike a normal creature.

Enemies of unique design, girls fighting in different space, in a sudden and peaceful everyday in a serious atmosphere.

I have felt the Dejab by all means from the setting around here.
There was a famous work called “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” in a similar setting, and the feeling of this deja vu was caught, and it did not expect it so much in this work.

However, the introduction of this first story is wonderfully drawn in the world of the work at once in the everyday scene and cool combat scenes depicted well.

After that, it does not become a ear sewer in one story, and it advances by a steady amusement after two stories.

It is an especially excellent part of the day.
The feature and cuteness of each character are firmly described in this daily part.
There is no problem even if you keep one cool as everyday animation, you can have attachment to the character in this everyday part.

It is not only a cute character, but also the character is dug up firmly for the serious development after it is said the daily part.
What kind of past do you have, what kind of complexes do you have, and how do you cooperate with your peers to solve them?

The depiction of such polite characters was very favorable, and as we watched, all the major characters came to like them.


The great thing about this anime is that it narrows the scope of the narrative.

Once, the fate of the world rests on the success of the protagonists.
However, the adult hardly appears in the story, and the character of the same age other than them is hardly described.
It focuses on the drama of the girls of the hero part to the end.

There are a lot of “Sekai system” like the work now, and it is possible to put out a lot of characters, and to be able to import feelings into the character too much in a grand story, but now the work is avoided by narrowing the extent to which it portrays it.

Although I felt the deja vu, I was drawn to the story that was painted firmly…


A polite depiction of it to avenge…

The daily depiction of this work is really polite.
But in the middle, the polite is the opposite.

While delving firmly into the character, the depiction of “flag” from the middle is clearly increasing.
The development of the work can be considerably forecast when such a description is put in punpun the smell which enters serious like window Magi from the first story and it is made.

And this work is expected to unfold as anticipated.
The description of the character is well made, and the acting of The voice actor is good.
It becomes a lie if it is not impressed at all.

However, the feeling of becoming it so all the more was strong.


At the end, even if it is said, “convenience development”

As De jab, this work is a miserable sight for the girls.
When it comes to such a development, the last drop place is very difficult.

If it is an easy situation that can be solved immediately, it is impossible to make the hero a hopeless situation.
Otherwise, the sense of gap between everyday parts is the biggest selling in these works, the appeal is greatly reduced.

However, if it is too hopeless, it is difficult for the viewer to take it to a happy end with convincing development.
It is good to take it to the bad end as unfortunate, but if you do not make sense quite well, you can only see the escape.

This work certainly finished beautifully.
The problem of the hero has been solved for the moment.
At the pretense, it’s certainly a happy ending.
However, the reason for the expansion and the solution is completely uncertain.

If you notice something has been resolved, such as the content of the viewer can not consent.
It seems to be explained in two terms, but it is a content that will be moyamoya in only one period.

It was very disappointing to see this last rough development because it was carefully depicted in the early stages.


There are a lot of bad things, but it’s not fun.

From the flag depiction too polite and a sense of deja vu as described above, or can be predicted deployment, many disadvantages such as a rough happy end, it is not that it is not quite interesting to watch.

The description of each episode and character is very excellent.
I started the character that was Nekketsu Tsundere character is my throat strike, and the character coming out came to like everyone, and the acting of The voice actor was very good.

It is interesting in its own way when I look.
However, there is not a strong impression when it finishes seeing.
It might be the saddest impression in a way.

Because I plan to see the second term, I want you to rank up to masterpiece from honorable mention to recover in two terms by all means.

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