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Jindai Onsen

Jindai Onsen


Last year, when I came to Toyama to win the Firefly squid, ‘ve been meaning was a holiday, so I took a year Buri visit to revenge.

After all, last year I did not catch one of the Firefly squid!


This time, I came to win the Firefly squid and stopped by here.





The hotel is located in the mountains just a 20-minute drive from Takaoka’s city centre.

There is a hot spring mood.



At the reception, the woman who seemed to be Shiko explained about the technique of this hot spring variously.

I wonder if I have a great time.





The hotel is a bit worn out and there is a separate bath for men and women.





The hot springs are only indoor bath, but the quality of the spring is really good.


The hot water is brown and the smell of iron is slightly cloudy.

The content of iron might be less than 20mg per 1L because it is not a steel spring in the hot spring method.


The fresh hot water was poured into the bathtub.


Very luxurious.


If it is 500 yen in this, it is a level to attend if it is near.





The staff were very friendly and the breakfast was very good.

Until it is pointed out to the customer or from side when the shampoo is no longer like the mountain of Furinkazan Volcano especially Honjin (INN) I feel I do not move.

I imagine.


Also, the wall between the men and women is low and is covered with two pieces of blinds, it is almost full view state because the coarse eyes.

Security vulnerabilities.


Well, I feel like it’s made up of where people don’t come.


On this day, one of the local people came to join us.






There is no resting place, but there is a sofa in the vicinity of the aisle and reception, so it may be good to sit on your own.



Overall Rating 4.2
Price 500 yen
Amenity Shampoo, Soap
Facility Dryer

Service Tea (front)

Attaching bath
Spring Quality chloride Spring

Security Two blinds wall between men and women
Business hours 10:00 ~ 21:00

Bathing Day 2018/5/15

HP E7% A5% 9E% E4% BB% A3% e6% B8% A9% e6% B3% 89

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