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Jizo-ji Temple (April 17, 2016)

Jizo-ji Temple (April 17, 2016)

Next to number six, I went to Jizo-ji temple.

It’s easy because you take me to the bus.

Address: 5 Kanji Lin-dong, Itano-machi, Itano-gun, Tokushima
Sect: Shingon sect Miventricular Sect.
Principal Image: Katsuto Jizo Bodhisattva
Founded: (DEN) Kohjin 12 years (821)
Kaiki: (DEN) Hiroshidaishi
Fusistation: Shikoku 88th Place

In the decree of Emperor Saga, Hirohito-Daishi (821) was opened in 2000.

The master is carved the Jizo bodhisattva of about 5.5 centimeters himself,
It is told that it was enshrined in the principal image.

After that, Emperor Junwa and Emperor Nimei’s three generations were returning to the imperial family.
In addition, the person who had served as the guru of Kishu Kumano Gonen,
The statue of Jizo bodhisattva to prolong the sacred tree, the Jizo bodhisattva of Daishi in its womb
It is told that it was paid.

From the faith of this Katsuto Jizo Bodhisattva, including the Yoshitsune, Minamoto Yoritomo,
Warlords of the Hachisuka house etc. are doing a lot of donated.

The terdonated is expanded by these, and Awa, Sanuki, and Iyo
It is said that the Sudaiji temple, which counts about 300 in three countries, climbed up to 26 temples.

Tensho years (1573-1592), however, in a military fire by Chosokabe Motochika ex-parents,
All these temples were burnt.

After that, the priest and monks of successive, and the efforts of the believers to improve the development of Doyu,
Currently, it is crowded with pilgrimage as the temple of the 88 place.

Temple Gate

There is also a large free parking lot here.

[Two heavens]

This is not a statue of Ninou, but a national and multi-heavenly.

Big Ginkgoes

The first thing that comes to the precinct is,
This is a big ginkgo that is said to be 800 years old.


The grounds of Jizo-ji temple felt the atmosphere of Kannon sacred sites.

Main Hall

First, Heart Sutra in the main hall and pray.


I pray to you, Mr. Daishi.

Mixed blessing or mixed blessing.

[Training Daishi]

【 Belfry 】

【 Taneshima Temple 】

To the famous Taneshima shrine for the puppet memorial,
The Guardian God of the disease is enshrined.

That Awashima Shrine was a GBL. Sweat


[Octagonal Hall]

[Red Seal]

Because there was no time in the Han temple which was regrettable in the Inner Temple,
I couldn’t go.

It seems to have been enshrined a life-size Arhan statue of about 200 in the Hhan Hall,
Because I wanted to see it, I heard the opportunity, but it was impossible after all.

I was hoping that Mr. Guide would take me to the inner shrine.

I don’t know if it’s a bus tour.
The worship of pilgrimage is important to visit the main hall and Daishido,
The other hall is perfunctory or say, and it is disregarded.

This was a bit disappointing.


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