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Kamikawa Shrine (5 May, 2018)

Kamikawa Shrine (5 May, 2018)

Because I received the Red Seal of Kamikawa shrine at the high birth Day shrine of the Feather Bunch teacher,
To visit the Kamikawa shrine to enshrined in the neighborhood.

There is no private parking lot, so we parked in front of the bird.

Address: 368 Kamogawa-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto
Enshrined: Bottom Tube man life, middle tube man life, upper cylinder man life, Omote tsu Takehiko Life
Founded: founded
Corporate Rating: In-company, Murusha
Fuchistation: otoenshrined Shrine Tour


Wow, I know this is a completely dim shrine.


Because it is sunny and this atmosphere is dull,
If the weather was dull, it would be a darker atmosphere.

[Front shrine]

Main shrine

The atmosphere around here is not so bad.


[Precincts Company]

[Red Seal]


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