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Koizuka Kiyoshi Temple-Toba Jizo > (5 May, 2018)

Koizuka Kiyoshi Temple-Toba Jizo > (5 May, 2018)

There is a temple named another love mound in Kyoto.
Do you know?

It is a temple of Love Mound,
Rather, the name of Toba Jizo of Kyoto Rokujizo Tour is overwhelmingly known.

It seems to have the same luck as the love Mound temple that visited earlier apparently,
I wonder which is true.

The red seal is troublesome at the reservation except the time of the Rokujizo festival.
I have given up the Red seal from Hana this time. Lol

There were seven free parking spaces next to the gate.

Address: 93, Kamitobacho, Minami-ku, Kyoto, Japan
Sect: Jodoshu Nishiyama Zen-Rinji Sect
Principal Image: Amida-Nyorai
Founded: Hiyonaga (1182)
Founder: The people of the text
Fusatou: Kyoto Rokujizo Tour




It was not able to pass here.

Stone Monument

Being protected with glass
I guess this stone monument is very important.

Stone Buddha

Temple Gate


Cramped feel the impression is precincts.


The bodhisattva was enshrined in the ten-sided.

Main Hall

Only the main hall is shut out for some reason.

I’m sorry.

Stone Buddha

It is good with the Red seal correspondence, and the atmosphere of an exclusive precincts,
It was a temple that did not feel good at all.<!–


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