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La Royal Spa

La Royal Spa


I lost the bathing I had previously, and bathing the second time.


The record of the first bathing was left on Twitter, so I’ll post it.




【 Nara Royal Hotel La Royal Spa 】 The hotel has a bathing facility. It is about 1,800 yen, but 1000 yen in Web coupon.

Indoor bath only. Chloride bicarbonate salt spring. Ordinary bathtubs, bubble baths, pool for pedestrians, sauna.

There are a lot of local elderly people who use the number of vouchers.

The resting place is good in a royal feeling whether it is naked or the woman clerk stays in the relax place in the gown for a long time.

Star 3.3 (Coupon usage amount)





As mentioned above, if you do not use the coupon is 1700 yen is very high.

Because there is a link to the official website, I can get it immediately.

(1,700 yen is there anyone who pays??) )


Because there is a feeling of being tired overall, is it a little expensive even 1000 yen? It is feeling.



Locker room



The walking bath is popular because the elderly people who seem to be local people are walking continuously.

It was like a 15m pool and I wanted to swim because there were about four lanes, but swimming was written as forbidden.


The resting place is felt to relax wearing the gown and the rental pants.

It’s just a hotel facility, and it’s a bit of luxury.



A resting place





I think that it is positively good for the day bathing of the Kanpo Inn in the vicinity if it does not take a break at this price.


Overall rating 2.7
Price 1700 yen (1000 yen coupon used)
Amenity shampoo, body soap, conditioner, rental towel, rental bath towel, rental room, shaving, toothbrush
Facility rest area, relaxation salon, newspaper, dryer

Service Cold water Machine

Attaching Bath (bubble bath, ordinary bath, Mizukaru), high temperature sauna
Spring-quality chloride and carbonate spring

Business hours 12:00 ~ 24:00

Bathing Day 2018/4/24



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