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Matsumoto Castle [Part I] visit the National Treasure Tower of large crowds with tourists from around the world

Matsumoto Castle [Part I] visit the National Treasure Tower of large crowds with tourists from around the world

The origin of Matsumoto Castle is the Fukushi Castle, which was built during the Shinano Guardian Ogasawara period, and through the transition of the Takeda family and the Tokugawa family and Matsumoto rule, it was given Matsumoto from Hideyoshi on behalf of the Tokugawa family that was transferred to the Kanto in 1590 by the number of Ishikawa Tadashi As a modern castle with a full-fledged tower, the present Matsumoto Castle was constructed. The tower and the small tower, moon Tower, etc. of the five-tier sixth floor are extant and are designated as National treasures. It is said that it is presumed that it was a gazebo type at that time by the investigation result in the demolition repair though tower is a layer tower type. Kuromon Ichiba in Heisei, Taiko gate, etc. were restored.

松本城Basic Data >
Name: Matsumoto Castle
● Location: Matsumoto-shi, Nagano ( map )
● Built principal: Ishikawa, Tadashi
-Castle: circa 1590
-Remains: Large tower/small tower/Annex Tower Group (extant), Ishigaki, Uchibori, etc.
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I made a 360 ° panorama image in front tower Matsumoto Castlehere .

Visit >

To Matsumoto Castle National treasure. However, it was a mistake to have come to the Hanami season. Amazing people. Although it was not so far fortunately for those who hear that the admission limit of tower during a large congestion, it is still impossible to take a photograph so that people do not appear in the castle and tower. It tends to dent a little after the photograph is returned, but the Matsumoto Castle visit report starts for the time being.

matsumoto-0312Matsumoto Castle is Heijo, and Honmaru, 2-Maru and Uchibori are almost intact in the city center. This map is located in the south of the castle, on the major road of Matsumoto Castle, in front of the major gate parking. The JR Matsumoto station is in the lower left of the map (outside the map range).

matsumoto-0316To the north on the major road. It is said that it is considering the restoration of the outside moat though the moat trace which comes into view first is “outer moat”, and it has been reclaimed almost, and it remains only a part of the southeast part now. By the way, the moat of Matsumoto Castle is a triple structure, and the Uchibori (extant) and outer moat (in the southeast only) and the total moat (partially in the east). The map up one is easy to understand.

matsumoto-0317a-0514sBeyond the outer moat, to the second no Maru. There is a stone monument of Matsumoto Castle Tower, but the entrance of Matsumoto Castle is now, but when I look at the map of old times, it seems that the bridge was not seven bridges across to the outside moat.

matsumoto-0318The signboard of the national Treasure Matsumoto Castle Tower. The five buildings of the national treasure are designated as “large Tower”, “dry Small Tower”, “Pass Tower”, “Tatsumi annex” and “Moon Tower”. The Tatsumi Annex Tower and the moon-viewing tower have been added by Mr. Matsudaira since the Edo period. It is a black tower, but in fact, it has the structure which pasted a black lacquered undercoat board to the waist of the wall of the white plaster.

matsumoto-0320sFirst, to Honmaru Tower. Dobashi cross from the Honmaru to the second round. Kuromon Ichiba (Masugata), which is across the Dobashi, has been restored in Heisei. In the evening, a dobashi of paper lanterns placed on the lit would fire.

matsumoto-0321Matsumoto Castle tower seen from the top of the Dobashi through Uchibori. The staple shot seen from the inner moat through the second round is the last.

matsumoto-0323Kuromon Ichiba’s going into the masugata Tiger mouth. The person who leads to Honmaru is a splendid tower gate. It has a good atmosphere, but the Kuromon Ichiba itself is a restoration of Heisei.

matsumoto-0326The Guide board which was installed in the Masugata. It is a comprehensible figure which bird’s eye the appearance of Matsumoto Castle of old times. It hits (3) in the figure because the place where it is now is Kuromon Ichiba entering from the south side to Honmaru. The outermost moat seemed to have three round horses (Takeda style) and a major gate (22) on the south side.

matsumoto-0327They pass a Kuromon Ichiba When you look up, the Ishikawa family crest “5 7 Kiri”, which was built on a thick pillar attached to the iron plate, has been drawn with decorative fittings. It is a feeling of the Toyotomi retainer.

matsumoto-0328Kuromon Ichiba Matsumoto Lord and family crest, etc. were in the list. This is useful.

matsumoto-0329sKuromon Ichiba from the inside out.

matsumoto-0332Finally Honmaru inside. The Grass plaza in front of the Honmaru is a stone line in the shape of a palace. And beyond that, five-tier six-storey large tower enshrined in the backlight. I fooled the camera and filmed it somehow. From this angle you can only come in the morning to take a picture with a beautiful blue sky back.

matsumoto-0333Honmaru Palace ruins. The circumference of the old Times’s palace is a line drawn by a black stone in the Grass plaza.

matsumoto-0335sTower before suddenly. I know it’s impossible to take a picture of a tower, where someone is constantly taking pictures, wandering around, and no one is in the normal time zone. The famous castle is one dash in the morning principle. The large tower of Matsumoto Castle is a layer tower type (the shape that gradually becomes smaller layer of the same shape), and the gable (triangular decoration part) is simple only one on this side. There were two in the Uchibori side. There is a small tower through the pass tower to the north side of the large tower (seen on the right side of the photograph), and leads to the Moon Tower with a high column via the Tatsumi Tsukan Tower on the south side, a total of five connecting formula Tower.

matsumoto-0336sThe tower Group is seen from the front. The number of people is increasing more and more, so we can’t collect them. Yagurashita on the left is the exit, and the entrance is at the Yagurashita between the tower and tower on the right. It enters the small tower from here first, and it is a structure which says to the large tower through the pass tower.

matsumoto-0348sWithin a small tower. A fairly thick log pillar is exactly arranged freely.

matsumoto-0349Dry small tower and log column Description board. The reason why the north is sinister is that it is in the north of the large tower, and dryness (inted northwest). Personally, I was surprised by the pronunciation of “kotenyu”, not “Sho-shu”. The description of the English is quite different from the Japanese content (for foreigners, such as to explain the details in a clear and easy to understand), the part that is described in a single word and “Mie fourth Floor” in Japanese this time ” The first floor is hidden from the outside so that it is not visible, “and the explanation has been made neatly.

matsumoto-0351Tower Small 1F. Lined up.

matsumoto-0353Because there is a considerable area, go up the stairs which are not so steep and to the second floor.

matsumoto-0357The Ishikawa family crest, which was built in Matsumoto Castle, 5 7 Kiri-no-tile.

> > Matsumoto Castle [Naka Hen 1] continues. < <

Date of Visit: April, 2014
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