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Ninomiya Shrine (on February 2, 2019)

Ninomiya Shrine (on February 2, 2019)

I do not know what to do because of the lack of study and super away,
After the visit of the mosque that was in Orooro,
Ninomiya Shrine is the shrine of the home from next.

Ninomiya Shrine, along with Ono Shrine in Kurihigashi City, Shiga Prefecture,
It is a shrine that has become the Holy Land of the storm.

The other day, not only Japan but also in Asia caused a storm of shock,
The storm has just been reported to be inactive.

I’m sure a lot of storm fans are visiting today.

By the way, there is no parking lot at Ninomiya Shrine.
Please use the nearby paid parking lot.

Address: 3-1-12 Ninomiya-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo
Enshrined: The Life of the Heavenly shinobi Ear (katsugo Masaru katsu-ichi Tennin ear Life), Honda (Emperor of God)
Founded: Unknown
Corporate status, etc.: Murusha
Fusho: Minato Kobe Guardian deity Misfortune, Hachisha

The founding period is not too old and uncertain,
When the Empress Kamkou erected the Ikuta Shrine in the 1st year of the Regent (201),
It is told that it was made to pray.

In addition, there is a large flood of sand Mountain with Ikuta shrine in the year (859-877).
While building your company on the current ground, it is said that you enshrines God at Ninomiya Shrine.

In the Meiji era, all the shrines in the old Fukiai ward were enshrinement to Ninomiya shrine,
It became a total guardian, but the shrine was erected again with the development of the region now,
The gods are also Shiri to the original shrine, now only Ikuta Kita Hachiman-gu,
Enshrinement’re enshrines as God.

We suffer from the war and Nanbokucho, Sengoku, the Greater East Asia, and numerous damage,
It is only Keyaki to count the old days recalled the age of 700 years.


The atmosphere of a shrine in the city.

【 Miyuki Stone 】

Front Shrine

Red is a vivid and beautiful front shrine.

The interior is chic and clean.

There were quite a few women who seemed to be Arashi fans.


[Inari Shrine]

[Ryou Shiryu Co., Ltd.]

White snake was enshrined.

There is a profit such as the way of fortune removal and the plague.

[Rice Fox]

There seems to be a profit in the child treasure and the easy delivery.

Really? (^ ^;

Believe or not believe is up to you, no superstars,
I wonder if those who believe will be saved. (^ ^


There was another torii next to Ryou Shiryu Co., Ltd.

[Red Seal]

I do not see the EMA that was usually dedicated,
There were a lot of things of the Storm fan still.<!–


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