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No. 237: Kingstone Castle (Mr. Shu’s Tsushima control base)

No. 237: Kingstone Castle (Mr. Shu’s Tsushima control base)

Date of Visit: April, 2016

Kim Stone CastleIs a castle in Tsushima City, Nagasaki Prefecture.
Also known as “Kinsukage” and “Kincough”, from the Middle Ages to the early Modern ageTsushima CountryRuledMr. ShuIt was built as a stronghold.Country Historic SitesIt has been.
1528 yearsSosho ShengButKingstone YakataIt was the beginning of the building, and it was the center of Tsushima until the Edo period. The full-fledged castle was the third generation lord of the Tsushima clan in 1660 after the Great Fire.Makoto MuneyoshiIt came to be called the Kingstone Castle after the renovation by (so good rustling). In 1687, YoshishinCroshara CastleThe castle itself continued until the Meiji era, though the center of politics was shifted because the building was moved.

金石城/01正面  金石城/02対馬歴史民俗資料館
There was a gate in the vicinity where there was an entrance of the East end of the castle before. There is a museum in the upper right.
[Right] FirstTsushima Museum of History and folkloreIt is good to try to gather information.

金石城/03朝鮮国通信使之碑  金石城/04大手櫓門
[Left] was on the side of the museumKorean Communication monument。 Since ancient times, he has played a role in Japan and Korea. Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s Korean sending troopsYoshitomo ShuIt is going to be in a serious caught, and it advances to the relation restoration when becoming the Edo period and KoreaCommunication useWas dispatched to the Edo shogunate.
[Right] 1990 was restored by the CommitteeMajor Tower Gate
It is a peculiar style that the tower of the main building is ridden on the gate, and it is a symbol of Kingstone Castle.

金石城/05大手櫓門内側  金石城/06曲輪内
[Left] is the inside of the major tower gate.
[Right] it seems that the improvement of something is progressing in the inflection wheel.

金石城/07上からの様子  金石城/08庭園跡
Left: from the road to Kiyomizu Yamashiro, you can see the Kingstone Castle from above.
It seems to be doing maintenance still.
Right: In the west side of the castleGarden ruins
In 2007, in accordance with the content that was created in the late seventeenth century, which was written in the literature by excavationNational BeautyHas been specified.

金石城/10搦手門  金石城/09搦手門石垣
Left: On the west side of the gardenRearm GateOfIshigakiIs left, and it is understood that it was a masugata Toraguchi.
RightRearm KadatoFrom the outside.

金石城/11金石川沿いの石垣  金石城/12万松院
Left: Flowing southwest of the castleKim IshikawaAlong theIshigakiAre left well.
Right: Behind the castle in the WestWanmatsu-InThe train.
Two Generations LordMunuiseiWas the fatherYoshitomo ShuBuilt to mourn.

金石城/13宗氏墓所への階段  金石城/14宗氏墓所
Left: From the side of the Ten Thousand Pine AcademyTomb of the SofamilyThere is a staircase leading to the
[Right] great, it’s like a castle.
AnythingJapan three major gravesThe graves of successive head are lined up.

金石城/15宋義智の墓  金石城/16今屋敷の防火壁
[Left] This is the most famousTen Thousand Pine AcademyCanTomb of Yoshichi Shu
[Right] I came to Castle.
There are some firewalls in the town that are called Firestones that were built to prevent fire from burning.
ThisThe fire wall of the mansion nowOne of the things that remains in the most excellent conditionPrefectural designated Cultural PropertyIt has become.

金石城/中村地区  金石城/宗義智公之像
Left: remain in Nakamura areaSamurai Mansion Street。 The stone wall is a good atmosphere.
Right in the park in Nakamura area.Statue of Yoshitomo


Stay in the harbour a little bit.Tsushima clan, Funae ruins
Four jetty remain firmly in the shipbuilding dock mark in the Edo period pier.

It is the home of Mr. Shu who ruled Tsushima from the Kamakura period to the Meiji Restoration.
It is also close to the center of Itsuhara, and it is the castle ruins with many tourists.
The castle ruins are more popular than Japanese Koreans. The Japanese also want more people to go.

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