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No. 238: Croszhara Castle (another stronghold of the sect)

No. 238: Croszhara Castle (another stronghold of the sect)

Date of Visit: April, 2016

Croshara CastleThe castle was in Tsushima City, Nagasaki Prefecture.
Sekihara-Kan, Itsuhara castleIt is also called.
In 1678, the third lord of TsushimaMakoto MuneyoshiIt was the home of the past.Kim Stone CastleIn addition to the new building, the castle was built and relocated.
At the Golden Stone CastleKorean Communications useTo greet the outgrown, and not to be too close to the harbor ranks.
In short, it was one of the aims to guide the mission to the depths of the castle town and to show the majesty.
It seems to have used two castles according to the purpose because gold stone Castle remained after the castle of Crosgenjo was built.

桟原城/正面  桟原城/南面石垣
Left: along Route 382Ground Self-Defense Force Tsushima GarrisonThere is a guide of the castle ruins under the guidance of.
Right: Currently, the castle is a garrison of the Army Self-defense force, but surrounds the surrounding area.IshigakiYou can see a part of the.
This is the stone wall of south.

桟原城/南面石垣2  桟原城/標柱
Left: I approached the stone wall.
[Right] this-HyochuCulture VIII (1811) The land of the hospitality shogunate in Korea.

桟原城/陸軍自衛隊  桟原城/西面石垣
[Left] The center is the Self-Defense Force and of course you can not enter.
Right: On the west Side along the National highwayIshigakiIs.

桟原城/西面石垣2  桟原城/日新館
Left: This is the Northwest side of theIshigaki。 You can see that the castle ruins are slightly elevated.
【 Right 】 When you go south of the National Highway from the castle, there remains a remnant of the castle town to the current city where Kingstone Castle is located. This was a clan schoolThe gate of Nissin-kanWas. It seems to have restored the one that had been dismantled and saved.
Nissin-Kan is a base for the infighting of the Tsushima clan in the Edo period, and is known for its stage.

桟原城/桜の馬場跡  桟原城/高麗門
Left: Along the current National highwayBaba Suji StreetThere was a central road.
Around hereCherry Blossom BabaIt has been called, the stone wall has been restored.
[Right]Koryo GateHas been relocated to the strict kindergarten.

桟原城/氏江家長屋門  桟原城/氏江小路
Left: The Samurai House of one gate and the senior samurai was lined up along the national road, but it was old.Ujiie IyashikiOfNagayamonAre left.
Right: On the north side of the NagyakenUjie KojiOn the back of the Tsushima Promotion Bureau and the street with an atmosphere calledGarden ruinsIs left.

Another stronghold of Mr. Shu, the ruler of Tsushima.
The castle itself has become a garrison of self-defense Forces, but the stone wall remains and it is recommended to take a stroll while watching the castle town along the national Road to the Center Street. There is a little distance (about 2km).

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