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No. 239: [Tsushima] Kiyomizu-yama Castle (woven-Feng fortress for Korean sending troops)

No. 239: [Tsushima] Kiyomizu-yama Castle (woven-Feng fortress for Korean sending troops)

Date of Visit: April, 2016

Shimizu YamashiroIs a castle in Tsushima City, Nagasaki Prefecture.
Hideyoshi ToyotomiButThe role of Bunroku and KeichoSo-calledKorean sending troopsAs a logistics base in Tsushima, which becomes the relay point at the time ofTakamasa MoriThis castle was built in.Kim Stone CastleBehindMt. ShimizuIn the castle of the stone wall built inCountry Historic SitesIs specified.

[対馬]清水山城/01遠景  [対馬]清水山城/02導入
Left: west of the town of ItsuharaMt. Shimizu。 The altitude is 206m.
RightKim Stone CastleTo the north of the gate. Go to the left here.

[対馬]清水山城/03整備道  [対馬]清水山城/04入口
[Left] The promenade has been air-superiority.
[Right] From here you enter the mountain and turn from three circles to the Honmaru via a melody.

[対馬]清水山城/05登山道  [対馬]清水山城/06竪堀
Left: The state of the mountain trail.
Right: It is difficult to understandVertical MoatAppears.

[対馬]清水山城/07石垣初見  [対馬]清水山城/08三の丸石垣
LeftIshigakiHas come into view.
RightSannomaruExtend to the southwest side ofIshigakiIs.

[対馬]清水山城/09三の丸  [対馬]清水山城/10三の丸眺望
[Right] from Sananomaru, you can overlook the port from the town of Itsuhara.

[対馬]清水山城/11三の丸2  [対馬]清水山城/12岩が多い
LeftSannomaruIs a very long and slender distance. I will climb fast.
It is a very rocky castle right there.

[対馬]清水山城/13三の丸西の虎口  [対馬]清水山城/14三の丸枡形の石垣
Left: The southwest side of the SanomaruIshigakiToFlat Tiger MouthThere was an open part like.
[Right] in the middle of the third circleMasugata ToraguchiOfIshigakiHas come into view.

[対馬]清水山城/15三の丸枡形  [対馬]清水山城/16三の丸北西の矮路
Left: The middle of the third roundMasugata Toraguchi(From the top).
[Right] the northwest end of the Sanmaru is like a narrow passage.

[対馬]清水山城/17二の丸への登り  [対馬]清水山城/18二の丸石垣
Left: On both sides to NinomaruIshigakiClimb the slope where it was built.
It’s just like climbing a narrow aisle, but it’s also like climbing a stone wall.
RightNinomaruOfIshigakiHas come into view.

[対馬]清水山城/19二の丸虎口  [対馬]清水山城/20二の丸枡形上から
LeftNinomaruOfMasugata Toraguchi
RightMasugata ToraguchiTo see from the top.

[対馬]清水山城/21二の丸  [対馬]清水山城/22二の丸南西面平虎口
LeftNinomaruEven the rocks are rumbling.
RightNinomaruAlso on the southwest side ofFlat Tiger MouthThere was an opening like.

[対馬]清水山城/23二の丸石垣南西面  [対馬]清水山城/24二の丸本丸側虎口
[Left] When you go outside the opening, surround the NinomaruIshigakiI can see how it continues.
[Right] on the Honmaru side of the NinomaruPassingIs. It is a little masugata atmosphere, but almost flat.

[対馬]清水山城/25本丸への石垣  [対馬]清水山城/26本丸二の丸側の虎口
[Left] long sides to HonmaruIshigakiClimb the long aisle-shaped space sandwiched by the
The picture is a stone wall that stretches endlessly.
RightHonmaru ToraguchiHas come into view. Of the outer and inner double with a little unusual structureFlat Tiger Mouth.

[対馬]清水山城/27本丸虎口上から  [対馬]清水山城/28本丸
LeftHonmaruOf the InsidePassingIs.

[対馬]清水山城/29本丸眺望  [対馬]清水山城/30本丸外への虎口
[Left] The Honmaru is only a mountain peak and the view is good indeed. It is sober but sees the opposite side of the port.
[Right] open on the west side of HonmaruPassingIs the exit to the outside.

It is the castle that Hideyoshi had built only for the sending troops of Korea, but at the footKim Stone CastleIs far more impressive.
Indeed, a voice of a crane.

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