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No. 241: Kanada Castle (ancient Mountain Castle at the forefront of defence)

No. 241: Kanada Castle (ancient Mountain Castle at the forefront of defence)

Date of Visit: April, 2016

Kim ChengThe castle was in Tsushima City, Nagasaki Prefecture.
Japan CalligraphyThis castle, which also appears in the city, is said to be 667 years ago over 1300 years.
WaWas ruined in the Korean peninsula.BaekjeSupport the reconstruction ofTang, SillaAnd hostileThe Battle of ShiremuraLost to withdraw. To prepare for the invasion of the Tang Dynasty and SillaEmperor TenchiIt is a castle built in Tsushima as a castle at the forefront in the age of. The ruins of the ancient fortress that used a lot of stone bases are valuableCountry Special Historic SiteIs specified in theJapan 100 CastleIt has also been selected.

金田城/01車道分岐  金田城/02蔵の内
[Left] branch from the prefectural Road Line No. 24.
From here you will be running on a dirt road, but you can drive to the inside of the storehouse.
Right: A place called the inside of a storehouse. Leave the car here and go on foot on the old Army road.

Depart from the inside of the brewery (1) and go around the castle area with clockwise ((2) → (6)).

金田城/03登山道  金田城/04南東部石垣
Left: The Military Road made by the former Japan Army is advanced.
[Right] first appearanceSoutheastern Stone Base。 This is a spectacle with an impact. I am surprised that there was so much technology in ancient times.

金田城/05南東部石垣  金田城/06南東部石垣
【 Left 】 The climbing wall also descends along the stone wall which stretched long blue. The way was discoveredDigging Pillar Building tracesHas been developed.
RightBase of Southeast corner StoneBulgingHave to increase the defense mechanism.

金田城/東南石垣  金田城/07三ノ城戸
Left: Stone base extending upward from the southeast corner of Ishigaki.
[Right] to the place where it is a saddle partKido Sanno.

金田城/08三ノ城戸柱穴  金田城/09ヒングシへ
Left: GatePillar HoleIs left.
Right: Head to Mt. Higusi. It is a majestic form followed by a stone base.

金田城/10ヒングシ山  金田城/11土塁 門跡
LeftMount HigusiEven in this place calledDigging Pillar Building tracesHas been detected.
[Right] at the tip of Mt. HigusiEarthyAndMonzeki

金田城/12土塁案内  金田城/13土塁 柱穴
[Left] The explanation version of the base and the temple.
RightPillar HoleAnd continue to its destinationEarthy

金田城/14二ノ城戸  金田城/15二ノ城戸2
LeftNino KidoHas come into view. It is one of the East gates.
[Right] recovery is progressing and excitingIshigakiYou can see.

金田城/16二ノ城戸外へ  金田城/17二ノ城戸上から
Left: It seems that the outside of the gate continues to the sea, but it is very rough. (Full of stones)
[Right] Nino Kido is seen from the top.

金田城/18一ノ城戸  金田城/20一ノ城戸3
LeftKido IchinoseArrived.
Right: I think there was a floodgates around here.

金田城/19一ノ城戸2  金田城/21山頂への登山道
Left: A splendid like the Early modern castleA protruding partIs thought to have had a gazebo.
[Right] I’m heading to the summit area via the north side from Ichiroh Kido, but it seems that people do not pass so much, and it is necessary to climb a steep road considerably rough for 30 minutes or more.

金田城/22北西部石塁  金田城/23砲台跡
Left: I learned the tiredness without a big attraction, but was built to surround the castle area.Stone BaseWill appear in some places.
Right: The old Japan Army was built on the ground level near the mountaintop.A battery markCan be seen in countless.

金田城/24砲台跡  金田城/25城碑
[Left] The mysterious spectacle that the fortress ruins which is the modern ruins of the ancient castle fortress and the Japan Army over 1300 years ago collaborate.
It is understood that it was an important point in the defense in Old times now.
RightCountry designated Special historic Site Kaneda Castle ruinsOfCastle Monument

金田城/26山頂へ  金田城/27山頂
Left: You can climb a little further from the battery mark.Stone BaseContinues to the top of the mountain.
Right: The top of the mountain.

金田城/28山頂の眺望  金田城/29蝶々
The view of this castle is really great.
The right is healed naturally.

金田城/30南西部石塁  金田城/軍道
Left: Coming down the old Military road from the summitSouthwest Stone Base
[Right] on the way to the military road. Explanations, audio guides, and rest areas it was found that the summit was much easier to climb from here.

I experienced the terrific of the ancient Yamashiro for the first time. Why did it become obsolete once in the Middle Ages while establishing the castle technology that used so many stones in the seventh century? The more you think, the more mysterious.

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