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No. 242: Kusaji Castle (both Hatakeyama fought)

No. 242: Kusaji Castle (both Hatakeyama fought)

Date of Visit: April, 2016

Grass Road CastleThis is a castle in Kyotanabe city, Kyoto Prefecture.
CurrentSpokesmen Oka ShrineIt is said that it was in the place with (shrine).
In the year of the turbulent period after the warHatakeyama, Masayoshi(GoodMasaga HatakeyamaThe record of the struggle, and theYusa HyogoWas survive by the army.

草路城/正面  草路城/案内
【 Left 】 front of spokesmen Oka Shrine.
[Right] According to the guide board “aroundMoatThe likenessEarthyRemains in the surrounding forest.

草路城/情意  草路城/咋岡神社
[Left] under the ToriiCastle Monument
RightSpokesmen Oka Shrine。 They were ritual in the late 13th century.

草路城/土塁?  草路城/土塁?
Left: If you look in the woods next to the shrine, you will certainlyEarthyYou can see a surge like
[Right] It was thought that the ruins related to the shrine, and it was not understood whether the soil base of the Guide board was this.

草路城/水路1  草路城/水路2
Left: It was also around the perimeterHoriIt is thought that this waterway is a trace of.
[Right] the waterway is circling around the divine area.

The castle ruins which I stopped for a moment. There was a trace like the soil base in the forest of the shrine, but the 藪蚊 was awful.

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