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No. 243: Tachibana-yama Castle (Chikumae Best Mountain Castle defended by Yuki Tachibana and Muneshige)

No. 243: Tachibana-yama Castle (Chikumae Best Mountain Castle defended by Yuki Tachibana and Muneshige)

Date of Visit: April, 2016

Tachibana YamashiroWho rose on the city boundary of Fukuoka City, Shingu-cho, Kasuya-gun, Kasuya-gun, Fukuoka PrefectureMount TachibanaIt is a castle built in. In the early 14th century Nanbokucho eraDaitomadaThe castle of the successive generations of Mr. Tachibana, who is called the building. In 1568Tachibana KagamiThe main houseDaitomyi Township (Sorin)Will be destroyed by the attack.Totono Kagami(Becki) is the famous mark of Mr. TachibanaTachibana Michi YukiMr. Akizuki, who became an enemy and Lord, rejected Mr. Chikushi, whose adopted sonTachibana, Osamu (Muneshige)Has rejected Shimazu’s onslaught in the castle in 1586. He will be the wife of Muneshige in the snow daughter.Tachibana Ginchiyo ChiyoIt is also known that it was the castle of the woman Lord served Teitoku the castle. The world of Toyotomi Hideyoshi,Takkei KobayakawaHas entered the homeMeijima CastleAfter the transfer to the castle. In 1601Kuroda NagamasaButFukuoka CastleThe castle has been abandoned before and after the building.

立花山城/01遠景  立花山城/02登山口
[Left] The distant view of the Tachibana Yamashiro, this huge massif itself is fortified.
The promenade is in the right place, but the location of the photo was also turned up by car, and there was a pamphlet.

The brochure seems to target the hiking purpose, not the castle’s rope map. The castle area of Tachibana Yamashiro is a huge mountain fortress, which is also known as Mt. Honmaru, the highest peak of 367m at the peak, which consists of Mt. Tachibana, and has been territorial across a wide range of ridges and peaks derived from it. It was not possible to go to the peak such as Oround, Shirodake, a large pair, and the small pair though it was able to go to the part where the red circle was put this time.

立花山城/03登山道  立花山城/04最初の石垣
[Left] until the first stone wall, I climb about 20-30 minutes the mountain trail like the photograph.
Right: In the vicinity of the branch point past the solitary cedarIshigakiIs.
Implantation LespedezaIt is thought that it is due to the renovation after admission Kobayakawa Takkei.

立花山城/05分岐  立花山城/06イバノヲ・大タヲ
Left: Arrive at the ridge muscle. Go to the left to the castle.Mount Wells。 If you go to the right,Mt. MatsuoIs.
First of all, I decided to head to Mt. Matsuo.
[Right] the slender inflection wheel of this ridge muscleIvano and DaitawoPart of the part called, the left side is slightly raisedEarthyWas built.

立花山城/11登り石垣1  立花山城/12登り石垣2
[Left] The stone wall is stretched along the Ivano and large Tabo, the very initialClimbing Ishigaki.
[Right] we will run up the slope in this way.

立花山城/07松尾山へ  立花山城/08松尾山
[Left] The last steep slope to Mt. Matsuo climbs along the rope.
RightMt. Matsuo. It is a melody of one bottom from the highest place that it consists of several inflection rings, and it arrives at the climbing road.

立花山城/09松尾山山頂  立花山城/10松尾堀切
LeftMt. MatsuoThe state of the highest place.
Right: On the west side of Mt. MatsuoHorikiri
If you go to the West as it isMt. HakusanThere is still a melody is built.

立花山城/13四郭石垣北 立花山城/14四郭石垣東
[Left] back to the original, head to the well Lou Mountain with Honjo.
It was built on the north side of the ring at the south end of Ivano.IshigakiIs.
[Right] This is the east SideIshigaki。 Continue to not miss the stone walls that remain here and there as much as possible.

立花山城/15三郭虎口  立花山城/16三郭石垣
Left: In the west of HonjoSogawa。 This ring is a turning point to the main Guo district and the small round district.
The part of the photograph rises from the bottom to the top.PassingIt looks like.
[Right] to the west of HonjoEven stone wallsYou can see.

立花山城/24こつぶらへ  立花山城/25こつぶら石塁
Left: first of the WestSmall round.
It is feeling that a steep slope is rolled down a rope at a dash.
Right: thisSmall roundIt is possible to see the appearance that the stone wall like the defense base is built endlessly on the side of the slender tune ring in the melody group called.

立花山城/26こつぶら虎口  立花山城/17本丸
LeftSmall roundOpened out from the edge of thePassing。 It becomes the shape masugata the outside.
If you look at the photo againIshigakiYou will see that it continues to the edge.
[Right] followedHonjo.

立花山城/18本丸眺望  立花山城/19松尾山
[Left] Mt. Oi, which has a main enclosure called Honjo, has a good view only at the highest place in Tachibana Mountain.
Right: You can also see Mt. Matsuo headed to the beginning.

立花山城/20本丸枡形  立花山城/21本丸櫓台?
Left: a technical in HonjoMasugata ToraguchiYou can see in succession.
[Right] This part is a smallTower StandIt seems to have defended the tiger mouth as it is.

立花山城/22本丸石垣  立花山城/23本丸東端
Left: Built on the north side of HonjoIshigaki。 It is like a still-lespedeza.
Right: East End of Honjo Castle. It is a little bit excited.Tower StandMay have been.

立花山城/27井戸  立花山城/28馬責場石垣
Left: On the way to the east further than HonjoFuruidoIs. It seems to have been an important water hand.
Right: In the eastern peak of HonjoHorse Blame BabaOfIshigakiHas come into view.

立花山城/29馬責場  立花山城/30大クス
[Left] There is only Baba, and the climax of both sides there is a linear long slender partEarthyIt seems to be a remnant of.
In the futureA big pairAndA small pairIt turned back here though the tune Circle group which said was.
Right near the horse torture siteThe primeval forest of the Xono treeIsNational Special Natural MonumentBecause it is specified in, it is good to stop by.

It is not only that there remains interesting remains in the fortress of the largest scale in Kyushu, but also the historic fact that the great generals of Otomo family, Yuki Tachibana, and Muneshige Tachibana rejected the castle of countless enemies, it is an indispensable castle in the history of the Kyushu Warring States.

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