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No. 244: Nagashima Castle (chikage administration Base by Takayoshi Kobayakawa)

No. 244: Nagashima Castle (chikage administration Base by Takayoshi Kobayakawa)

Date of Visit: April, 2016

Meijima CastleThe castle was in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture.
OriginallyTachibana KagamiTheTachibana YamashiroIt is said that it was built as a castle.
In the late 16th century Toyotomi Hideyoshi was given a chikumae after the Kyushu-HiradaTakkei KobayakawaWas the governing base until thenTachibana YamashiroWas inconvenient at Yamashiro, so we renovated the famous island castle facing the sea and made it our home base. By Hideyoshi following thisSending troops (the role of Bunroku-Keicho)It seems to have also put the role as a logistics base in the field of view.
1600The Battle of SekigaharaAfter theKuroda NagamasaAs a stronghold when it enters the ChikumaeFukuoka CastleI was a stronghold of the castle. At this time, many of the materials of Meijima Castle were carried and it became a deserted castle.

名島城/01入口(神社側)  名島城/02名島神社
You can park your car in the paid parking lot near the left and aim at the Namoshima shrine. This is the entrance to the sea side.
RightNajima ShrineIt is thought that it becomes a tune ring of Benzaiten company when it is said by the old map of the cutting level.

An old map on the guide board.
Currently, the area around Honmaru isMeijima Castle ParkThe part such as the Ninomaru of the east Side and the third round is made a lot of housing died though it is maintained.

名島城/  名島城/05本丸へ
Left: The open place on the north sideLower CircleI think it is.
[Right] head to Honmaru.

名島城/06本丸  名島城/07本丸案内
LeftHonmaru. The park is in service.
[Right] the position of the ruins which came out in the excavation investigation is shown in the Guide board of the Honmaru.

名島城/08城碑  名島城/09隅櫓
[Left] but it is hard to see because the sun had come down considerably, but the famous island ruinsCastle MonumentIs.
[Right] remain on the northwest sideThe Corner tower Ruins。 It is said that the cornerstone and the tile were excavated.

名島城/10隅櫓石垣  名島城/11大手口
Left corner of the tower ruinsIshigaki
[Right] going down to the east SideMajor mouthIshigakiIs visible.

名島城/12大手石垣  名島城/13大手石垣2
Left: Major mouthIshigakiApproaching.
Right: Another on the other sideIshigaki

名島城/14入口(大手側)  名島城/15夕景
[Left] The entrance to the major side was connected to a residential area.
The sunset of the sea side is wonderful.

名島城/16塩汲み道  名島城/17名島門
[Left] when looking for the remnants of the east side that died in the city, such as the photo on the side of the apartment and the name of the famous island Sanomaru complexSalt Draw RoadThe road which drew the curve which was named. Apparently the old mapSannomaruIn the south ofHorokoI feel like I’m progressing.
The right side is a little far awayFukuoka CastleHave been relocated in existenceMeijima Gate

I have also been taken to Fukuoka Castle at the time of the abandoned castle, but there are only a few remnants, but I came to hear that there was no choice but to come to the rule of Chikuago, known as the Chisho.

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