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No. 245: Fukuoka Castle (Control base of the early modern Chikumae by Mr. Kuroda)

No. 245: Fukuoka Castle (Control base of the early modern Chikumae by Mr. Kuroda)

Date of Visit: April, 2016

Fukuoka CastleIs a castle in Fukuoka city, Fukuoka Prefecture.
1600The Battle of SekigaharaAfter the warKuroda NagamasaEnters the Chikumae,Meijima CastleCastle, Fukuoka Castle was built in the area adjacent to Hakata which was the commercial capital for the development of the castle town. I moved my stronghold. Thereafter, until the Meiji Restoration, the administration of Kuroda continued to function as the clan agency of the Fukuoka clan until the Meiji Restoration. Fukuoka Castle played an important role in the current development of FukuokaCountry Historic SitesIs specified inJapan 100 CastleIt has also been selected.

福岡城/下乃橋  福岡城/内堀
[Left] front of Shimohashi side. It’s a good feeling.
[Right] with the width remaining on the north sideMizuboriIs splendid, but the part of the north side seems to be buried by the road even this.

From the north side is the west entrance.ShimohashiAnd is in the eastKamihashiWill be the entrance to the castle.
The three circles, Ninomaru, and Honmaru are on the inside.
It has been greatly altered since the three-Maru entered the modern era and sports facilities were built, but it was long ago that Fukuoka Castle could beHongyacata kanWhere there was a diplomatic facility in the Heian period called doubleCountry Historic SitesHas become,

福岡城/下之橋御門  福岡城/伝潮見櫓
Left is restoredShimohashi MikadoAnd itsMasugataIs. At right angles, it bends left to right and invades.
[Right] standing behind Shimohashi MikadoDen Shiomi Tower
The existing tower, which was transferred to the city’s Kurotadiya Bettei, was returned to the castle in 1956, and it was reported as a Shiomi tower, but the results of the studyOld Time TowerTurned out. It has been relocated to a different location.

福岡城/母里太兵衛長屋門  福岡城/黒田如水隠居屋敷
Left: When you enter the third circle, it appears on your right.Old Mother Village Taibei House Nagyakamon
The mansion of the relocated of the castle is a prefecture designated cultural property in which it was in the present Tenjin 2-chome in the east of the palace, and the House of the mother village Taibei which is also known in the Liquor Australia.
RightKuroda Josui Yashiki RuinsHas become a peony peony garden.
The first Fukuoka LordKuroda NagamasaFather ofHideyoshi ToyotomiKnown as the name of a military masterKuroda KanbeiCanJosui KurodaIt is a place where there was a retirement place.

福岡城/駐車場の一つ  福岡城/松の木坂
There are several paid parking lots in Fukuoka Castle.
In fact, since the roadway is running in the third circle, it is in the castle when the car is put.
Right: When you enter the Sanmaru from Shimohashi side, thisKisaka MatsurohAccess to Ninomaru.
Once we climbed up the hillMatsuo Kisaka MikadoThere was a

福岡城/01上之橋御門枡形  福岡城/02東御門
Left: The other entrance into the castle from the north sideKamihashiIn the east from Shimohashi, it seems that this was the main route. To stay in this placeKamihashiMasugata of. You can see how it bends.
[Right] when you exit the three-Maru was originally Heiwadai Stadium, thisHigashi-Kadato
Because it was the main route to Ninomaru is a great-looking megalithsKagamiishiCan be confirmed.
We’ll get out of here.East NinomaruIt is called a ring.

福岡城/03扇坂  福岡城/04本丸表御門
LeftOgizakaIs the center of Ninomaru. Here tooOgisaka MikadoIt is said that there was a gate.
Right: The route from both the Kamibashi Bridge and Shimohashi BridgeNinomaruJoined inTable, And Honmaru.

福岡城/05祈念櫓 福岡城/06本丸
LeftHonmaruIn the northeast cornerMemorial Tower(Kien Tower). A valuableExisting towerBut in the Taisho era, what was paid off at Daishoji in Kitakyushu City was returned to its original location in 1983. It seems to have been altered with moisture when it is relocated as a dō of the temple.
RightHonmaruIt is a state of the inside.

福岡城/07本丸井戸  福岡城/08月見櫓跡
RightMoon Tower RuinsIs.

福岡城/09小天守へ  福岡城/10天守台
Left: On the east side of the towerSmall tower Units。 It is unclear whether there was a building or not.
RightTower unitsFrom the south side, you can see that it is very large.
The actual size of the building is still being discussed, but it is assumed that the five-layer tower was built.

福岡城/14鉄門  福岡城/11埋門
[Left] The tower stand is on the north side.Iron GateIt goes through the Kurogane, but it is shaped like a large number of people can not pass.
[Right] The tower is a complex structure and is located on the west side after it exits the iron gate.A burial gateI will go through the top.

福岡城/12天守穴蔵  福岡城/13眺望
【 Left 】 first to TowerCellarThis is a structure that goes into the basement.
RightTowerIs an observatory and overlooks the city of Fukuoka.

福岡城/15裏御門  福岡城/16二の丸
[Left] is one of the entrance of HonmaruBack GateI went down to Ninomaru.
Right side of the WestNinomaru.

福岡城/17三の丸へ  福岡城/18多聞櫓
[Left] from Ninomaru to Sanomaru Masugata-shapedPassingThere are several places.
RightSouth NinomaruThe existingTammon TowerIsNational Important Cultural PropertyIs specified.

福岡城/19多聞北隅  福岡城/20多聞南隅櫓
Left: The north following the Tammon TowerCorner TowerWas restored.
[Right] on the south SideCorner TowerIs in existence.

福岡城/ 北隅櫓  福岡城/31土塁
Left: A view from the outside of the Tammon tower.
[Right] Fukuoka Castle has a strong image of the castle of IshigakiSannomaruIsEarthyWas surrounded by. It is still close to the Fukuoka City Museum of Art.

福岡城/三の丸スクエア  福岡城/大濠
[Left] The history of Fukuoka Castle and Hongyacata Kan is introduced at Sananomaru Square, but it is like a facility using the old Maizuru Junior high School.
Right: The west side of the Sanmaru was called the Grass Koue, and it was an inlet, and it blocked the attack from the west side. CurrentlyOhoriIt is called “Oohori” and is in the park maintenance.

福岡城/名島門  福岡城/32崇福寺山門
Left: relocated in the castleMeijima CastleIs the relocated gateMeijima Gate
[Right] There are still ruins outside the castle and there is the Kuroda family tombSofuku-ji TempleThe gate of the mountain is originallyOmote-Mikado.

Name Army Master Kuroda Kanbei, the genealogy of the child Kuroda Nagamasa has evolved to govern, Fukuoka City should be called the center of Political Economy in Kyushu today. This is a typical early modern castle built in this central part.

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