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No. 246: Akoji Castle (from the place of contention to the castle of Yanagawa Castle)

No. 246: Akoji Castle (from the place of contention to the castle of Yanagawa Castle)

Date of Visit: April, 2016

Red CastleThe castle was in Kurume city, Fukuoka Prefecture.
The time of the castle is not clear, but it is thought that it was built by Mr. Akaji in the Kamakura period.
After that,Mr. Otomo, Mr. Akaji, Mr. Chikushi and AkizukiIt seems to have changed a lot Lord become a place of the scramble of the wealthy people and so on.
In the age of Mr. Otomo’s dominationTachibana (tonext) Michi YukiButTachibana YamashiroIt’s been a very short time before, but he was Lord.
After the Battle of Sekigahara was given Chikugo country 1601Yoshimasa TanakaAs a castle to hold the east of Yanagawa Castle in Honjo CastleKiyomasa TanakaI tried to put Lord. It seems that the maintenance of the castle was done at this time.
In 1620 after Mr. Tanaka became a non-Kurume CastleOfMr. Yutaka ArimaBecame a waste castle.

赤司城/赤司八幡宮前  赤司城/赤司八幡宮
[Left] in the Middle Ages, Red Castle, which was a heijo of medieval times, has little remains in the development.
First of all, the road in front of the shrine is aimed at the Akoji Hachiman ShrineHori.
RightAkoji Hachimangu Shrine。 It was Lord.Tanaka, left horse, Makoto SeiseiA venerable shrine that was established by the.

The guide board which was in the shrine of Akoji Hachiman. Is it not possible to completely identify the castle area, or should we see that Hachiman shrine itself is off? It is a rough guidance.

赤司城/主郭方面  赤司城/外堀
[Left] according to the guideHonmaru (main Guo)Is near the high ground of the Ossuary temple. The place where it was leveled in the foreground might be ninomaru.
【 Right 】 on the east side of HonmaruA trail of outer moatIt seems to be a river.

赤司城/城碑  赤司城/土塁
Left: a little confusing placeCastle Monument.
Right: The climax behind the Castle monument is the Red CastleEarthyAnd information.

赤司城/水路(堀跡?)  赤司城/7田中清政の墓
Left: A waterway flowing between a lot of land and fieldsHoriMay be a remnant of the
【 Right 】 The Lord and the Red Tsukasa were developed.The Tomb of Kiyomasa TanakaButSakae-ji Temple.

In the Warring States Period, the famous Red Castle, which serves as an important castle of Yanagawa Castle in the early modern era, is the highlight of the park, but there is little to see.

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